Celebrity Hair Secrets that Will Change Your Life

Celeb Hair Secrets

Don’t celebs have secrets for almost everything? Like Cindy Crawford is 50 but looks like she’s 30 again! How amazing is that!  She doesn’t keep her amazing looks a secret, she wants the world to know about her amazing skin care products that keep her young and flawless! But I’m not here to talk about skin care; I’m here to talk about the hair secrets that the hottest celebs are currently using!

I’ve noticed that celebs on Instagram and facebook love the results of Hair Infinity. Lots of A-listers  have been seen taking photos on social media advertising their Hair Infinity vitamins. Here are some pics below!

Kim-Kardashian-Hairfinity.jpg (1022×600)

Here on Facebook, Kim says ” Yay! My @hairinfinty is here! #Teamhealthyhair”


1415555697385_wps_2_LONDON_ENGLAND_NOVEMBER_0.jpg (634×970)

“Mrs. West and Mrs. Odom at a Hair Infinity Show! As Always, looking flawless!”  #KUWTK

The Kardashian sisters are proud users of  the Hair Infinity vitamins. I mean who would have thought they would be brand ambassadors! I’ve even done my own research on these pills to find out what the big deal was. On their site, Hair infinity is not only a pill but it’s a healthy hair solution that gives you hair what it needs from inside and out. They also provide nutrients to the body! It’s been said that just one pill will give your hair Amino Acids for strength,  MSM supplements for vitality as well as hair boosting silica & horsetail. That’s unbelievable what just one capsule can do! “I need to get some myself!” These vitamins also have Vitamins A & D for antioxidants, NIaCIn for better blood circulation in the scalp, Pantothenic Acid to strengthen and nourish hair follicles, B12 to give the scalp oxygen, Biotin to grow existing hair  and gives healthier skin and nails. Hair Infinity also has ways to help you on your hair journey to healthier hair.

Another Hair secret celebs don’t tell you is that Hollywood is known for women celebs to wear hair pieces. Some wear them to Red Carpet events, Award shows, castings, and even for roles in shows, commercials and movies. Even male celebs have toupees  for special occasions and events. It’s been said that John Travolta wears toupees ! After his role in “Pulp Fiction” fans started to notice he was going bald. He first started with extensions, then when to toupee’s after he gained a receding hairline. He wanted to keep his fans guessing, intrigued  and interested. As well the entertaining Paul McCartney has been seen wearing toupees as well. He used to keep it neat but lately, it’s been quite messy. ” Not a bad look for the former Beatle!” 

mccartney-306-1405602552.jpg (306×306)

A stunning image of Paul McCartney supposedly wearing a wig in the Rolling Stone Magazine in 2014 !”


Now let’s get back to us women and our hair secrets!  You may not have known but singer, songwriter, actress, and model, Solange Knowles, has one things she can’t live without. Solange uses argan oil to hydrate and moisturize her curls.

Now c’mon we all want to know what’s Rihanna’s hair secrets! I mean, how does she pull off all those looks! She’s universally beautiful. The products she uses are ” Paul Labrecque”  Straight Finish serum and “Biosilk” Silk Therapy to give her hair gorgeous sheen look that’s not too greasy. Then she uses “Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray” which is a dry shampoo and hairspray. They use the texturizing spray to give Rihanna’s hair a clean and fresh feel.

We all want to know Queen Bey’s hair secrets too! She uses heat caps to open hair shafts and facilitate deep conditioning treatments. Beyonce’s stylist is also a very smart woman! She plans queen bey’s styles based off her performance on stage. It all makes perfect sense! If you wear a sleek and straight style; your hair will be frizzy due to the sweat you put into your performance. Now I know why Beyonce always wears her hair curly on stage. If she sweats, it’s not going to ruin her hair because most black hair gets curly when it’s damp!


Beyonce-Heat-Cap-Hair-Tips.jpg (1024×1024)

” Even queen Bey can look flawless in a heating cap! “

Let’s see what’s up with Miley and how she works her do’s!  Miley admits to having a hair extension problem. She told Harper Bazaar in an interview that the brown locks were not real, they were just extensions. She also stated that she has about 350 extensions in her hair! “My head would feel so heavy! LOL”  Lastly let’s talk about Caitlyn Jenner’s hair secrets!

Cait has been known for her everyday beach waves. But how does she get that perfect look every time? That’s what you’re about to find out! Cait’s stylist leaves her with a great amount of hair product to perform the same great looks when she’s not around. She left Cait with a “Beachwaver Pro by Sarah Potempa.” This tool is used to loosen her waves for the daytime look.

caitlyn-hair.jpg (300×400)

” Cait looking great as ever!”