Madonna’s Rocco Has a Rebel Heart While Kimye Make Plans to Sell Pictures of Baby Saint

Rebel Heart

Looks like Madonna has a fight on her hands! Her 15-year old son, Rocco Ritchie, has refused to fly to New York for Christmas with the pop star. Apparently after spending several months on the road with his mother for her Rebel Heart tour, Rocco had a change of heart about spending any more time with dear old mom. Instead he flew off to London to stay with his dad, director Guy Ritchie. An enraged Madonna filed for an emergency court order on Tuesday. When Ritchie’s lawyer said “He has expressed very clearly that he does not want to return to New York,” Madonna nearly climbed over the table and her lawyer had to stop her from speaking. The judge ruled that Rocco needed to come to New York and appear in court, where he could then state his preference for where he wants to live. However, in a separate court proceeding in London, Rocco got a judge to say he did not need to return to New York. Now the custody case becomes one of international law.

Insiders say the issues between mother and son began when Rocco suddenly ran away while she was on tour in Stockholm. Apparently the two were having screaming matches that ended with Madonna in tears. Although Rocco returned, he decided he would rather be with his father in London. When the tour stopped in Maddona’s formerly adopted hometown, Rocco took off for dad’s place. Madonna apparently fired the so-called “manny” who had been hired to keep track of Rocco and then had several meetings with her London legal team. A source now says that Rocco may defy the judge’s orders to return to New York. With today Christmas Eve, maybe Madonna should give Rocco a longer leash. The emotions of 15-year olds run high. Starting an international custody battle may provoke a backlash from her son and a publicity nightmare that no parent would want.

Kimye Make Their Moves

We told you that Kim and Kanye were preparing to make millions for the sale of the first “official” pics of newborn Saint West. TMZ says that multiple magazines are in the running for the pics, with bids going as high as $2.5 million. The magazines want more than just Saint West- they want photos of the entire family together, including big sister North. Kardashian sources are claiming they will turn down the offers, with speculation being that there will be a big reveal on Khloe’s new (and pointless) TV talk show. When North was born, the couple did a big reveal on Kris Jenner’s daytime talker. That show bit the dust relatively quickly, and we think Khloe’s will be gone in less than a year too!

Kimye are living with Kris Jenner while their home undergoes a renovation. Now new details about their plans are emerging. There is a vineyard on three acres attached to their property. The two consulted experts with designs on reinvigorating the soil so they can make their own wine. Kanye is said to be crazy about wine and is busy plotting a special Yeezus varietal. For now, the two plan only to bottle it for themselves and not sell any, but we’ll see if they can pass up the chance to make a buck! The Hidden Hills estate has two swimming pools, two spas, a 1,100 sq. ft. outside entertainment area, a pool house, two barbecues and more. Although the mansion is already 20,000 feet, the couple is greatly expanding the home’s footprint so it is even bigger.

Rob Throws a Tantrum

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian is threatening to leave the family in the dust this holiday season. He previously stayed away from the clan on Thanksgiving, becoming the only member of the Jenner-Kardashian clan not to be photographed in the family picture. Apparently Rob is angry at Khloe, whom he lives with, for posting a throwback photograph with her brother on Instagram. She wrote “if only you could see yourself through my eyes! I’ll be forever obsessed with you! My one and only! #MyAce.” Rob was reportedly humiliated by the posting. He is angry that people are speculating he is on drugs or depressed, when his real problem is that he wants to be left out of the publicity circus surrounding the family. Not only does he want to spend Christmas away from them, he has refused to acknowledge Saint West. Rob is the only family member not to visit or reach out to Kim with congratulations. In fact, the two already have a strained relationship. Rob once compared Kim to Amy, Rosamund Pike’s diabolical and calculating character in the movie Gone Girl.

Two Tales of Addiction

Robert Downey Jr. got a big Christmas present from Governor Jerry Brown this Christmas Eve. The Governor of California has pardoned Downey for three drug convictions he had in the early 1990s. Other stars are helping others celebrate Christmas this holiday season. Kevin Hart and Chris Paul teamed up for their second annual Christmas Takeover event to benefit L.A. Area children. They sent 300 kids to the toy store, each with $100.00 to spend. Chris Pratt visited sick kids in a Seattle hospital on December 22. Russell Wilson and girlfriend Ciara joined Pratt in spreading holiday cheer. Pratt’s wife Anna Faris was noticeably absent from the visits. The star of the CBS sitcom Mom is rumored to be battling a raging alcohol problem herself, much like her character on the show. One gossip website even claimed that her addition is hurting the show and that the crew and cast convened an intervention to convince her to go to rehab.

Worst Human Alert

We have a new candidate for Worst Human in the World this Christmas Eve, and her name is Sandra Gonzalez. The former fiance of magician Cris Angel is suing him for the value of a $300,000 engagement ring that she thinks he should give her for keeps. Angel may be a bit of a d-bag himself, but his baby son is currently battling cancer in Australia and now he’s getting sued for specious reasons. Angel fired back at Gonzalez on Twitter, essentially stating that if she gets to keep the ring, he should be reimbursed for his expenses: “I spent over 500k on Sandra’s Nose & Boob Job-new BMW-Dad’s bail-moms-Mortgage, Cabo Vacations – cash -& on & on and now you want more? #GoldDigger.”

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