It’s Been a Very Kanye Week

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Oh My. Where to begin. This week was the week that Kanye West changed the name of his album (again), asked for 100 million dollars (cue Dr. Evil’s voice) for his clothing line, and completely lost his mind on Twitter. Okay, I guess that last bit just makes it sound like any other week in recent history. But all of these things together? It’s almost too easy.

Let’s start with that album. Kanye has now changed the name of his upcoming album twice. You will all remember all of the hullabaloo (by which I mean, resulting Twitter rant) that ensued when he announced that he was going to change the original name of his upcoming album to “Swish”. That Twitter rant was a classic, ranging from hitting-out at Wiz Khalifa, who dared to criticise West’s new album name, to naming and shaming his ex Amber Rose to such a degree that the internet rose up in arms against poor Kanye (snort), causing him to come as close to apologising as you are ever likely to see in this lifetime. I say close, because let’s face it, it was one of those “sorry, not sorry” types of affairs that you know was only coming out of his overworked mouth because his wife was standing behind him kicking him in the shins until he made nice.

However, it turns out that Kanye is not yet finished with creating buzz for his new album through re-naming it in the most unimaginably strange ways possible. Kanye West’s new album name is T.L.O.P. Which apparently stands for “The Life of Pablo.” Because, of course it does.

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So I guess now we’re all supposed to wring our hands in a desperate bid to find out just who Pablo is? Is it just me or does this seem like West is employing a tactic that garnered him a lot of publicity only just a week ago (albeit completely by accident) simply to try and re-create the buzz? And at the end of the day, do we even care who Pablo is? No. Not really, but if I had to put money on it, I’d go with Picasso. West fancies himself a genius, so of course he’s going to compare himself to Pablo Picasso.

Next up…the money grab.  Apparently Kanye is trying to expand his clothing line, which from where I’m sitting, looks a lot like the wardrobe for the extras on the set of The Walking Dead. Page Six did a recent piece about how West is basically going door-to-door in the fashion industry, asking for cash.

Kanye has been going door to door asking for $100 million. So far, he has hit up the CEO of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (which owns Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Marc Jacobs) and Chris Burch (who launched Tory Burch), both of whom have declined. Kanye also hired a company called Relativity Fashion last year to help him find investors, but that dream died when they filed for Chapter 11 in July.

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So Kanye is having a hard time finding investors who share his vision of eye-wateringly overpriced, mud-and-clay-colored sweatsuits and leggings. Go figure.

You would think that being married to Kim Kardashian, money would not be a problem for Yeezy, but apparently, he is keeping his fashion line funded from his own pocket. There once was a time when word on the street was that West habitually spends so much money, he actually was in quite a bit of debt, owing the likes of Jay-Z a pretty sizeable whack of cash.

Whatever the reason, West appears to be trying to fund this venture all on his own. One “source” who spoke to Page Six spilled the beans on that, and it looks like when it comes to spending, Kanye is up to his old tricks.

Kanye is spending a lot of money. He thinks on a big scale and is currently paying for everything himself. He needs a backer to help him achieve the kind of fashion-world domination he is aiming for.

World domination. Yeah…I don’t know about you guys, but when I finally decide to get off of my arse and conquer the universe, I am not going to be doing it in a muddy taupe-colored hoodie with matching leggings and high-tops. Hell no. World domination calls for tailoring. Sheesh, everybody knows that.

The kicker for the week however, happened once again when Kanye was left alone in the house and had unfettered access to a computer. In the wake of all of the aforementioned self-generated Twitter buzz that he was creating with his album-name-changing play, West tweeted this out. Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 09.35.46

Um…yeaaaaah. Look, I’m all for the great American tradition of guilty until proven innocent (at least thats how it is supposed to work in theory), but the piles and piles of evidence against Bill Cosby, the scores of women who have come out of the woodwork….no. Just, no. While there may have been some trouble with the trial itself, to extrapolate innocence from that type of thing is cray-cray. But then, this is Kanye we’re talking about after all. Sp p[lease Kanye, PUT DOWN THE LAPTOP AND BACK SLOWLY AWAY.

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