You Should Follow These Food Instagrams Right Away

A lot of people complain about those of us who take photos of their best looking meals and upload them to Instagram, and frankly, I don’t quite get what the problem is. I mean, food is absolutely delicious as it is, and when it also looks like a work of art, it’s definitely worth sharing, at least for aesthetic purposes.

I know you won’t be able to give your followers a bite, but there’s every likelihood that they’ll feel inspired. At least that’s how I feel when I see the uploads of some real’ amazing food Instagrams on my feed.

Leaving jokes aside, I must say that I’ve heard about some truly amazing recipes from Instagram, and the amount of effort involved in them was usually next to none. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the restaurant suggestions that I got there! Instagram’s made me so knowledgeable about the cool spots in every big city, that I’ve never had to use Yelp even once in my life.

Anyway, it’s about time we started talking business. I’m starting to get hungry. These are hands down the best food instagrams that I know about.

Spoon University – you’re gonna learn a lot, and you’re gonna enjoy it


Instagram / spoonuniversity

We’ve already talked about how awesome and tasty vegan food is, but you know what? The guys at Spoon University are great in pretty much every area that has to do with cooking, street food and fast food. When they started out, their recipes were aimed at college students, so they focused on tasty stuff that was fast and easy to cook, but they’ve expanded a lot since then, so now they’ve upped their game even more. Regardless of your taste, you can be sure that you’ll find something delicious looking on their page every single time.

DailyFoodFeed – an Instagram like no other


Instagram / dailyfoodfeed

If you love comfort food, then you’re definitely going to love DailyFoodFeed too. Everything they post looks so damn tasty, and although I’m pretty sure that barely looking at their pics will boost your calorie intake on the spot, perhaps it’s better to admire this kind of dishes from afar and only indulge from time to time, rather than daily.

HungryTwins – ’cause food is always better when you share it with your sis


Instagram / hungrytwins

As you’ve probably already guessed, this Instagram is managed by two sisters with a sweet tooth. They gather all the delicious stuff on Instagram and they bring it all together on their page – not without giving anyone proper credit, of course. So if you’re looking for variety, taste, and well, a lot of sugar, then you should definitely follow them.

CulinaryBroDown – an Instagram that caters for all tastes


Instagram / culinarybrodown

This marvelous Instagram is managed by Josh Shrer, and I do believe that we need to thank God for his brilliance. Most of the meals he photographs he cooks himself, but he also takes pics of fancy stuff he eats at restaurants across the country, all that while telling everyone where to find them. He comes across as a real pro, and this sort of comes as no surprise, considering that he is actually an associate editor of the Dine section of the Los Angeles Magazine.a

LivingGreenHealthy – because you can’t live on pizza fries and hamburgers alone

Instagram / livingreenhealthy

Instagram / livingreenhealthy

Healthy food can be delicious too, and Jen – the wonderful lady who’s running this Instagram – is fully aware of this. In the pic above, for instance, you can see a bunch of coconut avocado popsicles, and the only thing better than their gorgeous appearance is the fact that she’s posted the recipe for them (as well as the credit for it) in the description of the photo. Sometimes, she photographs her meals too, but she’s also doing a great job at showing off the culinary creations of other people too.

SpoonForkBacon – I promise you that bacon is not the only thing they post pics of


Instagram/ spoonforkbacon

Peach and Strawberry Pavlova – bliss on a plate. Anyway, this scrumptious little beauty right here is not even the best thing they’ve posted about, so you can imagine that this Instagram is one of the best in the field. What’s best, you can find the recipe for everything they’ve uploaded on their website, which has the exact same name as the Insta, with the obvious “dot com” at the end.

JamieOliver – he’s one of the world’s favorite celebrity chefs for a reason


Instagram / jamieoliver

Jamie Oliver’s Instagram is just like him – full of energy, colorful and cool enough to make you head to the kitchen and cook something for yourself right away. He photographs things that he cooks, dishes done by his friends and he’s always eager to share his recipes with everyone. Definitely worth following, if you ask me!