Natural Remedies to Stop Breakouts

When has there ever been a good time to have a breakout.? Whether you’re 15 and afraid to face your fate at the movies, 20 and getting ready for your big internship interview, or 25 and dreading bikini season because you will need to let your shoulders and back show, acne sucks. All of a sudden your mom, best friend, and even co-workers have advice on their skin regimen: “you should use a toner”, “I swear by a blackhead cream”,”what do you mean you don’t use facial wipes.?” The fact is everyone has different skin, both issues and reactions, and pharmaceutical face washes, scrubs, rinses and toilettes can be harsh on your skin, leading to more of the problem. So, with Mount Vesuvius on your forehead, what do you do next?

Here are our favorite easy and natural remedies to stop breakouts.


Lemons have recently gained lots of attention in the health community due to their incredible alkalizing properties. Lemon juice contains L-ascorbic acid, a natural astringent that dries out acne. (1) As an anti-bacterial, lemon juice helps to prevent new pimples from forming as well as lessen the appearance of scars. Simply, cut a lemon slice and dab it on to a clean face, then rinse with water. Be careful with exposure to the sun when using lemons as they have a lightening effect.

lemon photo


Everything comes down to diet. What you eat determines the nutrients your body will absorb, or, build a deficiency. Fruits and vegetables will provide you with vitamins and minerals that will aid your skin. Be sure to get plenty of antioxidants as they fight free radicals and boost cell rejuvenation. Dairy has been linked to breakouts and is believed to cause oily skin, whole processed foods are chemically rich and can add stress.

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Aloe is your best friend. Aloe is known to soothe your skin (especially after a sunburn), heal cuts, and reduce inflammation. The best way to use it is by cutting a small chunk off your plant, (if you don’t have one, you should invest now, they’re cheap and easy to take care of), and apply the green gel directly to the blemish. If you don’t have aloe accessible, the produce section of the supermarket should.


Honey is a natural anti-bacterial/anti-microbial with antioxidants that work to fight acne, and also lock in moisture. Many treatments can leave your face feeling a bit dry; honey is a great moisturizer and leaves your skin feeling smooth. Just apply a smooth layer to your face and rinse after 10 minutes. Make sure when choosing your honey that it is all natural and unrefined, otherwise, you will not receive the full benefits.



Hand in hand with diet is exercise. One of the best ways to clean your skin is to sweat out the toxins. Our epidermis is what protects us from the outside world. Likewise, pollution and free radicals in the air place a heavy toll on our skin. Therefore, it is important that our body gets to flush out those pollutants. Exercise is good for the whole body, and since the body works in unison with all its parts, this will be beneficial for more than just your acne.

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Papain, naturally reduces inflammation and helps prevent the pus from forming and Papaya is rich with it! The antioxidants help to repair skin damaged by sun, smoke, pollution, and chemicals. Make a mask by mashing fresh papaya flesh until it can be applied to your skin as a mask. Fifteen minutes should be longer enough for the enzyme to work on your skin and then rinse off with warm water.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) contains acetic acid, a known anti-bacterial agent. While that sounds intense, ACV is very alkaline on the pH scale and balances your skin, making it hard for bacteria to thrive.Using a 1:3, vinegar to water ratio, use a cotton pad to rub it directly on the affected area. No need to wash it off. It’s gentle enough that you can apply it several times a day. Be sure to wash your face before.

Again, all bodies are different. It may take jumping over a few hurdles before you find what works best for your skin type. Fortunately, since the above are all natural, they are natural and easy to cider vinegar photo