Why You Should Add Ginger to Your Diet

weight loss photoGinger is an incredible root with many benefits for your health. While it is an appetite suppressant, immune system booster, and has anti-cancer properties, it is particularly well known for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger can be added to food, or made into a tea. What many people do not know is it can promote weight loss by activating the metabolizing and helping to burn fat.

Improves Metabolism

Indigestion is a common problem for many people: ginger tea helps to ease the colon and promotes cleansing. By removing toxins, as well as extra waste, the body will shed extra weight. Ginger contains chromium, magnesium and zinc, which work boost the immune system and help to give your body more energy. (1) The “British Journal of Nutrition” reports that there is a direct correlation between drinking ginger tea and having better digestion.” Raw ginger is also a known for cholesterol reducer.

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Ginger helps lower cholesterol

Obesity is a major concern as it leads to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Ginger has been shown to reduce cholesterol by breaking down the fats that clog arteries. High cholesterol has a direct correlation with obesity, since men and women above a healthy weight tend to have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI). By expanding the blood vessels, the body’s average temperature increases and this helps to burn more fat. Furthermore, it has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals that are found in the blood stream. The anti-inflammatory effects inhibit the blood vessels from becoming inflamed and it helps increase the flow of blood to the body and cures the pain.

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Appetite Suppressants

Ginger tea is a great way to feel fuller and is a natural appetite suppressant. First, water is one of the most abundant tools for hunger satiation: a glass of water before your meal helps to promote eating less food. Ginger has extremely few calories, therefore by sipping on ginger tea all day you will not experience intense hunger. Ginger has a positive effect on norepinephrine and dopamine: two hormones that activate the part of the nervous system that reduces hunger.

 Ginger for Weight Loss

weight loss photoGinger has been used for holistic health care for over 4,000 years in India as well as in Asian cuisine. Ginger is a known diuretic: so while it helps to fill you, it is also important to drink water with ginger because it can dehydrate you. For every cup of tea, drink another glass of water.

How to make the tea?

Boil water, however much is desired, and add a few slices of ginger: the smaller the pieces, the more the ginger will infuse the water. Grated ginger is also another good options. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes. It is best to drink before, or after, eating a meal. Sometimes the flavor can be strong: you can add honey or agave to sweeten. Lemon or mint also are good for assisting the flavor, although many enjoy it plain. If you can, buy organic ginger—it is also easy to find and inexpensive.

As is common with all weight loss techniques, healthy eating and exercise are good for your overall health. Avoid processed food, soda, gluten and refined sugar. Ginger tea is used for weight loss as it increases metabolism, stimulates circulation and excretion of toxins from the body.

Regardless of the effects ginger has on digestion, it helps to suppress the appetite and regulate blood sugar.

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