10 Signs You’re Falling In Love

You ever have that feeling with your associate, friend, roommate, significant other? (1) The one where you feel like they’re “unique” from everyone else? You start to enjoy doing things you’ve always hated? Well that often means that you might be in love! Yes that may sound weird but I have more have evidence other than just him or her being unique.

Just read the following and you may start to question yourself!  What I’m about to tell you will hopefully change your perspective of  who you’ve been eyeing lately. (2) Do you ever find yourself “constantly thinking” about that special someone? Do you think you may be obsessing over this eye candy? Well here’s some helpful tips to get you thinking! (3) If you feel like you “have to be around this person” all the time; you may be having separation anxiety. Now don’t start feeling like something’s wrong with you! Don’t start asking yourself “What’s wrong with me!?” because it’s perfectly normal! Women and even men have this kind of thing all the time.  (4) It’s okay to be “uncontrollably” in love with someone.  “That’s Life!” The best way to deal with it is to hang out with other people to take your mind off the person you’re currently separated from.

Some couples need time and space away from each other. Every relationship needs space because it give you both time to miss  the hell outta each other! We all know what happens when you miss each other …Sex, is it?! It’s one of the best things to do when you miss your husband, wife, fiance,  girlfriend, or boyfriend the most. It gives couples an incentive to come home to.

     “If you and your loved one are having problems, then space is probably your best bet!” Space can give you two time to think about everything, come back to one another, and get a fresh start!

(5) For those that are trying to stay sexy and attractive for their eye candy; You’re so totally in love! “I mean c’mon! Who changes their hair, clothes, mannerisms, and who they pretty much are for One person?” All your really doing is trying to find something to wear that you think he or she will like. You stop caring about what you like; now it’s all about them and what they want!  Perhaps you want him or her to notice them a lot more huh?

     ADVICE: It’s best to be yourself as much as possible! That way he or she can’t say you weren’t honest with them from the start. Here’s an example, let’s say you get married to a guy of your dreams! The only problem is that you played it off all these years being someone you’re not. Since you are now married you think you can let your guard down and finally be yourself! Other problem is that he’s never seen this side of you. You’ve had your guard down for too long and now he can’t stand your ways anymore, he wants a divorce asap. Your now left alone, miserable, hating yourself and possibly depressed. You now know that the guy you married never liked you for the real you! So always be yourself!

     (6) Another sign you’ve fallen for that special someone is when you start to “worry” about that person a lot! You worry so much that it’s almost like you’re their mother or a human gps. “LOL”  Also, you may start to notice that  the person you’re eyeing may be eyeing you for the same reasons! It happens more often than you think, though it sounds pretty coincidental! (7) When you often hear the word “Love”, you automatically think of the person you’ve fallen for! You always feel excited and happy when love is brought up; you may even blush a little!

     (8) Something as simple as a “Hi” ,”Hello” or just shooting a breeze ” What lovely weather we’re having can instantly spark fireworks inside! You have that feeling and thought that “Yay! He noticed me!” feeling. That’s the best feeling in the world to most women!  (9) You often may feel that love is the whole purpose of life”! You feel like it’s the only reason you’re living. You may often find yourself basing your whole life on obsessing and finding your soulmate; though that can get old and depressing after a while, it actually works for some people!  The best was saved for last! (10) You learn something about them every time you’re around them! That is so a plus! Learning new things about a person can make you fall deeper for a person or start to leave them alone. This is the best thing about obsessing over a person, then you’ll know if you’ve wasted your time or not. I hope the best to all who have a Man Crush Everyday (MCE)!