Three Tips for Surviving Wedding Season in Style


Summer is upon us, and if there is one thing you can rely on like the changing of the seasons, it’s wedding season. Depending on where you live, Wedding season starts somewhere around late May, and can last straight through to September. The height of wedding season however, is probably right about now; the month of June.

Have you found yourself staring at that row of wedding invites lined-up on your fireplace mantle and wondered how on earth you are going to be able to afford to dress for the multitude of events you will be required to attend? Well, fear not gentle reader, because there are ways of navigating wedding season while being comfortable, stylish, and avoiding driving yourself into bankruptcy.

Tip no. 1: Avoid Ultra Tight-Fitting Clothing

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Okay, yes…this is probably the extreme example of tight-fitting clothing, but an excellent example of a person who always is wearing sexy, skin-tight clothing, and always (at least to my eye) looks ever-so-slightly uncomfortable in whatever she is wearing. While there is no reason you can’t get away with a form-fitting look for a wedding, you have to take the operational aspect of your look into consideration. While you might wear a tight, form fitting dress for a night out and be perfectly fine, a wedding is a much longer affair. Photos, meals, dancing…think ahead to what you will be doing. Ask yourself a few important questions; will you still feel as confident in a figure-hugging dress that shows every lump and bump after a heavy four-course meal? Will those six-inch stilettos really serve you well on the dance floor? Plan ahead. If you really must wear something uber-tight, make sure you have a backup; bring a boyfriend blazer that you can throw-on over your tight sheath dress. Not only will this unexpected detail make you stand out in a crowd full of frilly fascinators and match-matchy cardigans and shrugs, it will lend a tailored vibe or an urban edginess to your look, depending on your jacket selection.

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Tip No. 2: Put the Girls Away

The girls

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little cleavage once in a while (yes, even at a wedding, given the appropriate conditions), this is a sartorial move that you must employ judiciously. The focus is, after all, on the bride at any wedding, so any ensemble that might even give even a whiff of attention seeking is likely going to be seen as inappropriate, and will probably garner you more than a little side-eye.

However, those of you who are accustomed to dressing with a little sex appeal, fear not. It’s not that you can’t wear something slightly sexy, or even a garment that hints at your bustline to a wedding, it’s just that you have to rethink what “sexy” really is. Instead of that ultra low-cut top, choose one that has a bit more modest of a plunge, or even a wraparound style. You can also opt for a fit and flare style dress with a very fitted top. This will hug your every curve and hint at your silhouette while still covering your assets. Better yet, forego the “boobage” altogether and go with a bit of a thigh-slit instead. Nothing too drastic (you’ll want to stop short of the full Angelina Jolie here), but just enough to provide the occasional flash of skin when you move. Remember however, to refer to Tip No. 1; you need to be able to sit, eat, and dance, so make sure that any slit skirt you choose is not one that you feel you will have to actively manage.

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Tip No. 3: Recycle!

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Sure, this one is a bit of a no-brainer, but just re-wearing the same dress for multiple functions is not always as easy as it might seem. Most of us who are have received an invitation to one wedding in a season have had an invitation to two or more. While there may be the rare occasion where you know you will not run into anyone who witnessed your wedding outfit from the last wedding you attended if you are at some far-removed location at a very small venue, there is likely going to be some crossover with the guest lists of many of the weddings of the people you know, so wearing the same dress may not be the best sartorial choice if you pride yourself in your sartorial game.

The solution? Separates. Instead of limiting yourself to a dress, separates offer you an easy way to subtly change-up a look without spending a fortune. Chances are, you will already have something in your wardrobe that will work for you. Once you start considering the possibility of creating a look out of separates that you already have, your creativity will likely take over, and you’ll probably end up with something even better than if you had run out and bought something specifically for the event. After all, so many people shop at the same outlets these days, both online and in person, that there is every possibility that someone might even turn up in the same dress if you purchase one new. Recycling your closet takes that possibility right off the table.

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