Lady GaGa Nails the Super Bowl With A Brand New Face

Look, you don’t have to be an American football fan (or even know anything about it) to enjoy some of the spoils that the Super Bowl has to offer. Heck, I don’t really even understand the finer points of the game, and I’m from Wisconsin, home of the much-revered Green Bay Packers! But if there’s one thing that everyone can enjoy no matter what your level of understanding of the game, it’s the spectacle of the thing.

So without further ado, let’s get dishy on something that went down at this year’s Super Bowl, the 50th of it’s kind. Oh, and the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers for the win…if you care about such things.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 16.31.26

None other than the inimitable Lady GaGa sang the National Anthem to kick the whole thing off, and regardless of how you may feel about her as an entertainer, she did not disappoint. In fact, she nailed it. Underneath the meat dresses and the sparkly suits and pointy shoulder pads is a real musician with a great instrument and a very sound ability to be able to perform in a multitude of styles. She gets full marks for her pared-down rendition of the anthem.


We have to talk about her face. I’m going to just flat-out ignore the terrible wig and odd yet not offensive suit (that was supposedly Gucci, by the way), and talk just about the biggest elephant in then room. This particular facial permutation of Lady GaGa is a completely different one to the one I just finished watching on American Horror Story, and that one was different still to the one that I remember from some of her earlier albums like Born This Way. I take no issue with anyone who wants to do a little nip here or tuck there, but GaGa is a young and already beautiful woman. One of the things that I really like about her is her rather distinctive looks; she had a strong nose (I’m in the “strong nose” club myself), and it gives her a striking and unique profile, something that she seems to be actively working towards erasing with her current appearance. Not that the new GaGa is any less beautiful…just different.  Here she is at the 2011 VMA Awards, five years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 16.58.58

And here she is at the recent Golden Globe Awards, where she won an award for her role in American Horror Story.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 16.55.43

See? Different. Not bad different, just…different, different. She looks like a combination of a blonde Amy Winehouse (the post plastic surgery Winehouse) combined with late 1980s Patsy Kensit, and a dash of Marilyn Monroe…but that’s kind of obvious, even for GaGa, so I’m putting that down to the hair.

There has definitely been a nose job at some point, and the lip injections you can spot from a mile away. Fillers, to be sure…it looks like her chin is less pronounced (this can be done with injectables). She looks great, although those lips do actually bother me a little bit. Those are dangerous territory, and one of the things you can do that will really give you that Real Housewife meets Joker trout pout. I also think she has gone a bit too heavy on the botox…or perhaps whatever work she had done has not “settled” completely yet, because look what happened when she tried to smile back at the Golden Globes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 17.13.57

Oomph. Yeah, that’s a bit stiff. Corners of the mouth don’t go very far back, and there is virtually no movement in the forehead whatsoever. Or Maybe I’m just imagining it. Let’s try it again, shall we?

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 17.10.55

Okay, no. Not imagining it. This time you can even see how one eye appears to have just a bit more droop than the other, giving her a kind of sloe-eyed appearance, whereas usually her eyes are more round and open. That’s botox. Again, here is an older photo for comparison.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 17.09.59

Now, do I hate her new face? No. I do not. It’s refined and beautiful. Overall, I’d say it’s good work. A bit stiff, but beautiful, in a manufactured sort of way. I sincerely hope that she stops right now, at this very moment (she’s only 29!) with the cosmetic work, or she may find that things are either not where the ought to be in 20 years, or that she just doesn’t recognize the person in the mirror. Last summer, US Magazine covered GaGa,  and their “insider” gave some sort of a version of insight as to why one so young and successful would want to keep manipulating the way she looks.

She’s in a panic because her wedding date is just around the corner, so she wants instant results.  She started cool laser therapy [which melts fat] and is looking into liposuction. She’s also getting Botox and fillers — she wants to look perfect.

Not sure if I believe that old, tired “wants to look good for her wedding” rhetoric, but hey, she’s only human, like the rest of us. If the rest of us were multi-millionaires with multiple Grammys and a Golden Globe.