12 Things You Should Never Say on a First Date

First dates! There’s something inherently awesome about them, but come on, let’s not forget that more often than not, even the most promising first date can turn out to be a lot worse than you’ve expected. After all, it’s not every day that you get to meet a functioning person that is actually on the same wavelength as you. But we’ll discuss compatibility some other time.

For now, I thought it would be a really interesting to talk about the stuff that you should never ever say to someone when you’re going on a first date. But hey, you can always use one of these if you want to scare your date and make sure that you won’t meet him again.



Without further ado, let’s get at it.

What kind of wedding would you like to have?

Unless you’re trying to make sure that you scare your date from the very beginning, don’t ask him this. If he’s a wedding planner though, he may find your question quite interesting, but it’s still better for you to avoid it altogether.

Our kids would look sooo beautiful!

Whoa, stop right there, sweetie! You’ve barely just met the poor guy and you’re already talking about children? No matter how innocent your intentions, you will always come across as desperate if you bring such a sensitive topic into discussion.

I can’t wait to introduce you to my parents

Literally one of the scariest things that a person could hear on a first date, this seemingly innocent phrase is a massive turn off for men and women alike. Just like the previous two, it will make you look like real’ crazy.

You’d make a great father

Okay girl, I know that you’re judging the man in front of you in your head, but even if you do somehow come to the conclusion that he could one day become the father of your children, don’t let him know about it. You can be sure that he won’t be by your side for long enough if you do that.

Don’t worry, I’m not looking for something serious

All right, while you shouldn’t give your date the impression that you’re a desperate person, you’re probably better off not trying to look like a one who doesn’t give a damn about anything either. Besides, there’s every likelihood that your date will find this offensive. It may only be a first date, but hey, it’s still a date. Treat it with respect.

Have you considered losing a few pounds?



Once more, I’m very tempted to say that women are a lot more likely to hear this from a guy rather than the other way round. However, it doesn’t stop this line from being not only offensive, but also downright stupid. Why would you ask someone this in the first place? If your date is overweight, they probably know it already, so don’t be an ass about it.

When will I get to sleep with you?

While this is much more likely to come from a man, rather than a woman, you have to admit that it’s a total deal breaker. I mean, is there one person in this world who has actually managed to pull this off on a first date? Even if you are getting enough signals and there’s real chemistry between you, stuff like this is better left unsaid.

You know what my ex used to say?

Easy there, darling. I can assure you that nobody would like to know what your ex used to say. He could’ve been a genuinely witty guy, but your date is definitely not going to appreciate this piece of information. Therefore, it’s much better if you keep this detail to yourself.

You’re voting for Trump, aren’t you?

first date


I cannot decide what’s worse: hearing your date say this or actually saying it yourself. Anyway, it’s better to steer clear of political topics during the first few days, unless you already know that they guy you’re meeting with has the same views as you.

I’m not conceited, I’ve just learned to love myself

You know I’m all about loving yourself, but tell this to your date, and he will just assume to that you’re conceited. And come on, do you really need any validation from a guy that you’ve just met less than 30 minutes ago? That’s exactly what I thought.

You’re too hot to be single



No, this is not a compliment. You’re still implying that there’s something about him that’s fishy enough to keep him single. Compliments can be delivered in other ways too.

We’re going to be best friends, you know!

Oh dear God, please do everyone a good and make sure that you never tell this to a man. If he does already like you, you’re going to really hurt his feelings, all that while making a fool of yourself for agreeing to go on a date to make friends. If you want to get rid of the guy, just get it over and done without pitiful lines.

first date


Bottom line is, first dates are hella tricky, so be careful what you say. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, though.