Best Fitness Workouts for Women

Written by Jason Croteau

Yes ladies, you will often find a little hanging fat under the arms. The best thing you can do about that is to lift weights. “You don’t have to be obsessively masculine about it, you can make it fun and sexy.”  That’s what will make you more interested and anxious to see your results. If you keep following those same boring, useless diets, you’ll dread getting yourself in shape. That’s why you must have a super positive attitude about it! Some women have almost change who they are just to believe in themselves. If you’re like me and are often put down, told you can’t do something; “GO FOR IT!” Show those evil bitches what you’re made of! Leave behind those who have nothing but negative things to say about your fitness goals, or any goals for that matter. The more you hear what those people  say about you, the more you’ll believe it. I say that khloe-kardashian-complex_2015_7.0.jpg (612×918)because I was always told as a child that ” It’s always easier to believe the bad things people say about you, than it is to believe the good.” So don’t give people the benefit of the doubt! Show people what you’re capable of and they will soon see that you really are something. Once they see your results, they’ll start to notice you. That’s actually the shitty part about it. Women shouldn’t have to change their image just to be noticed. “We’re women!” Although, being a woman is a hard job! “phew!” “We gotta stay sexy for the men in our lives!”

Now that I’m done with my motivational speech, let’s get down to business. If you’re a lady that’s looking for a great workout for weight loss, I have your regimen right here! If you are looking for a set of workouts that will transform your appearance, give these exercises a try! For the first month, try the ” Goblet Squat“. This squat requires you to stand with your feet apart, slowly squat down, then hold it. It’s Also beneficial to do this exercise while holding dumbbell weights.

Within the same first month, try pulling off the dumbbell “Deadlift”. That entails bending down halfway to your knees with dumbbells, holding that position as long as you can stand it. There is also another exercise that I find quite effective in your first month of  working out called the dumbbell “Pullover“. The pullover is meant to be performed on a flat padded surface. You then would lift your arms above your head with the dumbbells in your hands. Doing this exercise repeatedly should give great results!  Now lets discuss workouts for my ladies who just wanna stay fit and maintain their health.

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“Here you see Mrs. K.W prep-ing for a morning jog at the beach. She has been seen doing lunges, arm circles,  etc. “

Staying fit is the easiest thing to do on earth. Yes, you still have to exercise, just not nearly as much as those who need weight loss. “All you’re really doing is maintaining what you already have!”  The first step to staying fit is to try “Walk- Out Push- ups“, they are great if you’re looking to tone certain areas in your lower regions. This exercise targets muscles groups as well as boosts your heart rate! Second, you should try “Squatting” with or without weights. Squats actively involve the brain! Third, you can try “Jumping Jacks“, “yes the old- fashioned school jumpers.” They are considered to be a functional fitness exercise as well as raising the heart rate and benefits multiple muscle groups.

We must discuss that one word that’s very important when it comes to exercise; “ Dedication.” it’s important to have dedication, will power, and confidence in what you want or hope to accomplish. For my gals who need a little motivation; here are some tips to withhold while on your fitness journey. To stay sane, have little sweets every here and there. If you completely cut out all fatty foods, it will make you hate everything about workouts, diets, and fitness as a whole. Just remember, ” You don’t have to eat perfect to be healthy.”  

Instead of making family or work an excuse for why you can’t take the time out for yourself, set a schedule. Sit down and think about your everyday life. What do you spend the most time doing? Dropping off kids at school, sleeping, working or going out with friends? Find a time of the day where you’re not doing anything important and make that time ” You-time.”  Even if it’s less than half an hour, make that time worthwhile! For women with families, try sitting down with your family and tell them what your goals are and how soon you plan to accomplish them. Your immediate family is often the most supportive compared to friends, co-workers and other peers.

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