Jake T. Austin Dates Fan Who Bombarded Him on Twitter for Years

Have you ever wanted to date a celebrity? Well, your wish may come true. Just look at former fan, now girlfriend of a young heartthrob. Her name is Danielle Cesar and her story is unbelievable. Let’s describe it as “When you wish upon a social media post, your dreams of dating a celeb may come true!”

That’s the case of 21-year-old celebrity Jake T. Austin and his new girlfriend, a former Instagram fan and stalker (in some eyes), Danielle Ceasar. Jake T. Austin is known for his roles in Wizards of Waverly Place and The Fosters, and now the heartthrob has snuggled up with a fan as his new girlfriend.


So how did this all come about? Well, dear reader, it begins five years ago, when Danielle first begin Twitter-stalking the celeb! She’s since locked her Instagram and Twitter accounts, but that doesn’t mean the news machine wasn’t aware of the details!

It seems that in 2009 that she begin following him on Twitter, when he was still on Wizards of Waverly Place. News reports said that she tweeted at him “daily” between 2009 and 2014. Her tweets were expressions of her love and her appreciation for his work, like “I wanna meet @JakeTAustin so badly.”


Other tweets were about his body. She would tweet things like “me and @JakeTAustin are getting married. Shhh..x…he doesn’t know it yet :)”

One tweet in 2010 has Danielle stating she wants to be “the next big thing but not for singing for being @JakeTAustin or JoeJonas’ girlfriend.”

Yes, it seemed that she also had her sights set on Joe Jonas, but hey, she landed another boy of her dreams, much to the jealousy of many fangirls, we’re sure.

Her efforts seemed to have paid off. After the two met at a meet-and-greet in 2011 (her obsession ran deep, it appears), she posted a picture of her with the actor, captioning it “your smile is so cute @jaketaustin.”


Instead of thinking “That’s nice,” and going on with his day, he decides to follow her! Score one for Danielle! You’re already living the dream of fangirls everywhere!

From there, Danielle continues to pursue him via Twitter and Instagram. Even on the days like July 3, 2013, when Danielle tweets “Can Jake T. Austin go out with me?”

It’s worth mentioning that she didn’t tag the actor at the time of the above tweet. He was still following her, however, and obviously thought she was cute. Now the two are totally in love!

Jake, for his part, said this to the Daily Mail.

“We’re young and having fun just getting to know each other. It doesn’t matter how you meet someone- on set, in a coffee shop, at school, or in the business,” he told the Daily News in an email. “Sometimes you connect with people at the right moment & you just click.”

Well, Jake, I mean, she did tweet you daily, trying to connect with you! He also shared the aww-inducing Instagram post of the two locked in a kiss. Danielle shared her own thoughts on the relationship: “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” Other people who have stalked celebrities online and in person have their own “love story,” but I guess Jake and his girl view it differently.

The question is, did he meet up with her or how did this actually come about in its leap from online adoration to in-real-life coupling? I guess we’ll have to wait for the memoir or candid interview.

If you listen, you can hear the furious clattering of keys as Beliebers and Directioners furiously tweet their online crushes missives of love. Stand by, boys! And hey, we’re sure many women may get the same attention from their fans as well.

Many on Instagram and Twitter are calling this news story their “fangirl goals.” Well, as long as they don’t end in a restraining order, I’m sure many people will follow the Danielle path toward success of being a famous boy’s girlfriend.  Jake isn’t alone either, as all of the members of Hanson met their wives at a Hanson concert.

As for what’s next for his acting career, his role as Jesus on The Fosters was re-cast with a new actor Noah Centieno after he decided to leave the show. Danielle lives in New York, and it seems that the actor is splitting his time between New York and Los Angeles for his career. I guess I’ll wish them the best, but something tells me that when they break up, if they break up, that it won’t be pretty on social media.And you know I’ll be there with all of the details! Can you imagine the angry videos?!