A Step-By-Step Guide to Reading Men’s Body Language

body language

In almost every case, a person’s behavior is a lot more revealing than their words, so you’re always at an advantage when you know how to read the body language of others. Whether you’ve got a date planned for tonight or you simply want to know what to know what the intentions of that hot guy across the bar are, I can guarantee that by the time you finish reading this article, your body language reading skills will have improved dramatically.

Body language – what details should you look out for?body language

We’ll talk about 10 essential gestures that absolutely every man does – even unconsciously – and what each of them means. The most interesting thing is, some of these gestures are relatively easy to read, while it can be quite challenging to see what feelings lie behind others. But you’ll understand what I’m saying in a couple seconds.

So what does it mean when …?

… he’s staying at less than an arm’s length from you?

body language

When a man has something to tell you, but he isn’t in any way romantically interested in you, he is going to position himself at about one foot and a half away from you. However, if a guy stands closer than that and you can see him leaning towards you, then it’s pretty clear that he is into you and that he’s subtly trying to establish a physical connection.

… he’s smiling, but his teeth are only just peeking through his lips?

… he’s smiling, but only the corners of his mouth show this?

Well, this is the body language of a man who finds you attractive, but is either a bit too shy or reluctant to show his excitement just yet, as he may still be testing the waters. Anyway, an honest smile – even a restrained one – will always involve the eyes too, so you’ll definitely know when your date is having a good time with you.

… he’s got an arrogant half-smile on his face?

Now that’s the kind of smile that you don’t usually want to see on the face of a guy – unless you’re looking for a one night stand. As a general rule, when someone is smiling with only one half of their mouth, they are trying to hide their true intentions, and this applies to men and dating too. If he does likes you, his smile will be genuine, and you will recognize it.

… he raises his eyebrows?

We all raise our eyebrows when we’re surprised, and obviously, it’s always good to see that your date is pleasantly surprised by your appearance, your dimples or a random joke you’ve just said. This gesture is indeed one of the most revealing, but it’s usually quite quick, so you may want to pay extra attention if you do want to notice it. You may want to look at your date’s forehead, which will become slightly wrinkled when he lifts his eyebrows, thus being a lot easier to notice.

… he’s engaged in a conversation with someone else, but his chest and shoulders are directed towards you?

body language

You know those times when you’ve got the impression that you’ve caught the eye of a guy across the bar but you’re not quite of sure that because he’s speaking to someone else or looking in the opposite direction every so often? Well, you should take into consideration the fact that regardless of what he is doing at a certain time, a man will always direct his shoulders toward his main point of interest in the room. And if that’s you, well, congrats.

… he keeps his legs spread apart?

… he gazes intensely at you for more than five seconds at a time?

… he does a lil’ head tilt when his eyes meet yours?

He’s basically telling you that he finds you interesting. Body language of this kind can be interpreted as an invitation to come up to him and strike up a conversation, so if you’re bold enough, why not answer it?