Sex on the First Date?Here’s What Men Think About It


I think we can all agree that a lot has changed over the past 50 years, but when it comes to sex and dating in general, things are still quite debatable. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that our mentalities have undergone some serious changes for the better, but as you probably know, this doesn’t apply to every person on this

Sex on the first date, for instance, is still very much of a taboo subject. I’ve seen women who’ve never actually known whether it’s acceptable to hook up with a guy from the very beginning, mainly because they didn’t have any feedback from men. Would they see it as a bold move on her part? Or would they label her as a slut? Are they going to lose interest in her just because she’s given in so fast? But what if she says no? Is her date going to think she’s a prude? Will she even get a second call?



These are all questions that have probably gone through your head at some point, but what you’re probably looking for is some answers. You don’t have to worry though, because I’ve done my research – if talking to all my male friends about hooking up on the first date can be called research – and I can’t wait to let you in some truly invaluable info.

Sex on the first date – yay or nay?

Not surprisingly, every single one of the guys that’s taken part in my lil’ survey said that they would be perfectly fine with hooking up with a woman on the first evening they met her. That being said, they made sure to let me know that this rule doesn’t apply to absolutely every lady. There has to be real chemistry there, and most importantly, she needs to give him some sort of sign that she wants to have sex too.

As a general rule, if you and your date hit it off instantly and neither of you feels like there’s any need to to wait until the third date to make a move, you should definitely have some fun.

But what happens next?

You may be tempted to think that since he’s already had sex, there’s not much for him to look forward to. But unless you had the bad luck to go out with a player or a douchebag, this won’t be the case, especially if you’ve been particularly outstanding in bed. After all, in this day and age, sex has already been acknowledged as one of the most important things that keep a couple together, so for some people, doing it on the first date may actually be a matter of finding out if you’re compatible with a certain person or not.

But there’s another thing you should take into consideration, namely that the chances of getting a call regarding a second date from a guy go down dramatically after you sleep with him, so the best course would be to …lower your expectations a bit.

Good thinks come for those who wait

While playing hard to get can be a massive turn off for some people, the men I’ve consulted on this matter were eager to tell me that at some point, they were glad to wait for a while before eventually having sex with a woman. In turn, this has made them realize that sometimes, there’s no need to hook up with someone to find out if you will like them in the long run or not. You know you will, and waiting a little bit more than usual will help build up the pleasure.

I know that people are constantly looking for instant gratification and that sex is no exception to this rule, but a good part of the men are very much aware of how important getting to know someone before sleeping with them can be.

So what conclusions should you draw from this?

You’ve made it to the end of this article, so by this time, you’re probably aware that men have nothing against sex on the first date. And although it certainly feels good to know how men think about this issue, you have to remember that it is not only their opinion that counts, but also yours.



Pleasing  a guy is by no means a good enough reason to do something that you wouldn’t normally do, so if you don’t feel like hooking up with someone you’ve only known for about three or four hours, just don’t. Like I’ve already told you, making a lad wait for a few dates before he gets inside your panties is bound to work even better than giving him what he wants from the very beginning.