Three Things You Shouldn’t Buy New This Season

Every new fashion season, new trends crop up all over the place. This spring is no exception; the warm-weather trends are sprouting all over the place, much like the early daffodils that to me, mark the official beginning of the season.

Despite the urge that many of us feel to run out and grab a few new things to refresh our wardrobes and keep it looking current, there are a few items that this season in particular, seem ludicrous to spend the kind of money on that retailers are asking. So allow me to slip you a few quick tips; there are three trends in particular this spring season that you should not, under any circumstances, pay full ticket price for. Here they are, in order of what I deem fiscal importance.

The “New” Cut-Off Cropped Jean

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 16.20.14

I find it funny that these jeans are absolutely everywhere this season, because at the end of last summer, I had a pair of jeans that just weren’t working for me, so I cut them off to make them into crops with a raw edge. They instantly became my favorite pair of jeans, and now I know why. Cut-off crops (straight cut ones in particular) are universally flattering on all but the tres petite, and they are real wardrobe extenders for travel and daily life as well.

However, you do not need to pay the kind of prices that some retailers are offering-up for what is basically an item you can find in your local thrift shop.Seriously, a pair of Frame denim cut-off culottes costs $245. Two hundred and forty five dollars for a pair of cut-off denim jeans. Even H&M want $60 for theirs. That’s obscene.

After I made my beloved cut-off crops, I went to a thrift shop to try and find a few more pairs of straight leg denim jeans that I could use his way – that’s how in love with them I was. I did find some, and the total price? $5.99 per pair. That’s more like it.

The Floral or Tropical Bomber Jacket 

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 16.37.06

While it seems like this is a fresh new trend this spring, floral and tropical print bomber jackets were actually in vogue a two spring seasons ago, so you may (or may not) be able to find one if you haunt your local secondhand shops.

Even if you can’t find a decent secondhand specimen, this is an item that is very trend-driven, and you probably don’t want to spend a lot of moolah on something that you will likely not want to wear in six months time (which is probably a generous estimation).

The Zadie & Voltaire jacket pictured above retails for roughly £345 – that’s British pounds, mind you, so if you are looking at this from the States or Europe, that number is closer to 500 (either Dollars or Euros).

Yes, its a fabulous jacket, but let’s face it. You’re not really going to be wearing it as a jacket, are you? More as a statement top. Therefore, linings, weatherproofing…all of those “jackety” things don’t really matter. Look for inexpensive versions that yo ucanbasically wear as a top – seeing as though that’s what you’re likely going to be doing in the warmer months anyway.

Bold Stripes

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 16.54.28

This is one that you will definitely find at your local secondhand store. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the topic of striped garments, having been completely and utterly obsessed with stripes since childhood. The key to keeping the look modern is to interpret what the going trend is this season, then find pieces that are in line with that. This season, there are two different stripe patterns that are trending: bold and Breton-style nautical.

The key to rocking a secondhand (or even a brand-new) thicker, bold stripe is to make sure that the garment itself is fairly cleanly-designed and simple, as to not compete with the colourful stripe pattern. pair your bold stripe garment with either a simple pair of jeans or crops, and neutral shoes; resist the urge to be matchy-matchy about it. If you have chosen a stripe in a more neutral shade, go for a pop of color on your feet like red or yellow.

A classic Breton-style stripe (as above) is always in style, and looks great by itself, under a jacket, or with shorts or a short skirt when the temperatures really start to rise. This is one of the most versatile pieces you can put in your wardrobe – I have gone on entire holidays with a suitcase full of nothing but striped shirts, and never missed a beat. What’s even better? They are such classic pieces, it won’t break the bank…unless you want it to.