Claire Danes Wore a Light Up Zac Posen Gown to the Met Ball!

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While the people at Vogue were busy cooing and preening over Kimye and their tacky-bedazzled-Balmain snoozefest, there were some pretty strong sartorial choices floating around the ball, completely independent of the Kimye and Kardashian circuses. Perhaps the most notable of these truly standout attendees (who were sadly overlooked in the wake of the aforementioned circus) was Carrie Mathison herself, Homeland actress Claire Danes.

Danes wore an exquisite Zac Posen gown that quite literally lit up the room. The gown was created from a custom finer optic organza fabric, and required Danes to wear better packs in order to supply the power to the gown. Zac was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about the gown, and gave us a peek into his philosophy behind it.

Posen set out to create a gown that highlighted “the place where technology and fantasy meet.” Made of custom fiber optic woven organza with 30 mini battery packs sewn into a thin organza lining, the result was a haute couture design that reflects his experimental approach to fashion. “We custom developed the fabrication, because I wanted to create something that had a transparency to it, but an illumination to it.” And though the major glam factor came from the light bright factor, even the smallest details — like its raw-edged hem — were considered ahead of the gown’s red carpet debut. “I think fashion has become something called fashiontainment,” reflects Posen. “And it’s our job as dreamers and creators to push that,

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I simply cannot stare at this dress enough. Whether you love the basic design or hate it (I happen to love it…it’s truly classic Zac Posen at his very best), you really have to hand it to Posen for being at once the most original gown of the night, the most classic, and the most true to the ball’s theme, which was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” I really feel strongly that Zac Posen’s creation is really what the Met Ball is supposed to be about at its core (as opposed to a bunch of celebutantes parading around in silver metallic palettes and calling it “robotic”). Posen has melded innovation, creativity, technology, and classic elegant design reminiscent of Charles James, and managed to fold it all into one gown that…let’s face every girl’s dream gown.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the gown was created by Posen and a six-person team, and that it took approximately 600 hours to make. Danes recently spoke with Vanity Fair Magazine about the Ball, and apparently the dress had to be managed a bit, as you can imagine. If fact, it had to be managed to the degree that Posen actually hired a bus to get Danes to the Ball.

Zac literally had a bus for me to get here, so I stood. I’m moving carefully. . . cautiously. I’m going to throw the after-party under my dress! It’s very spacious.

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As it turns out, I’m not the only one freaking out over Posen’s creation. Twitter was literally alight (ahem) with activity once the gown was debuted. Here is but a mere sampling.

Bravo to @zacposen this has to be my favourite from #metgala #lastnight worn by #clairedanes – @DomingaMaciasD

I am very intensely obsessed and will probably literally dream about this dress – @AlannaBennett

Claire Danes is absolutely my pick as the best dressed tonight, gonna die for that one – @HeyMielle

Claire Danes wins. this is amazing – @treeeenz

Claire Danes that is all – @honeywoodstyles

Claire Danes made Cinderella come to life at the Met Gala – @voactiv

Wait, we had no idea Claire Danes’ dress from the #MetGala was like this – @HuffPostEnt

Claire Danes’ dress at the met gala is real art – @DaggertattooH

Claire Danes wins. This is all a girl wants – @NarryMcCuddly

Claire Danes’ #MetGala gown required it’s own car – @pretareporter

No offense but Claire Danes just won the #MetGala with this masterpiece – @alltimebrad

Ahhhhhh. It’s even more magical lit up in color! So perfect! Claire Danes in Zac Posen wins – @TyrannyOfStyle

Heavens yes. Best thing he’s ever done. Claire Danes is luminous – @PDCawley

From where I’m sitting, Danes clearly won the night. Sure, it’s not a rhinestone-encrusted jeans jacket and work boots, and there isn’t a bursting seam or an exposed nipple or butcheek in sight…of course, I’m willing to overlook that just this once in the name of fashion as beautiful, wearable art – isn’t that the whole point of the Met Gala?

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