Johnny Manziel, Kourtney Kardashian and Mark Salling Talking About Haters, Mermaids and Vengeful Girlfriends


Chronic liar and party boy (and part-time quarterback) Johnny Manziel is back in hot water. The Browns quarterback, who is known for partying and spent 77 days in rehab last March and April, is currently AWOL after failing to show up for his team meetings on Sunday. Four weeks ago Manziel was benched after telling the team he was staying home in Cleveland and then jetting off to Texas to party. Manziel then lied to the Browns’ staff, encouraging his friends and sycophants to also make up some lies to cover him. The team benched Manziel for a few games. Fast forward to Christmas Eve, when Johnny posted a video on social media of himself drinking and rapping like a 16 year old in mom’s basement.  The video of the Bieber-wannabe violated the coach’s warning not to indulge in social media.

When the Browns indicated that they could consider disciplining Manziel, he reported to work with headaches, allegedly claiming he had a concussion. Manziel was ruled out for the Browns’ final game, so on Saturday night he and his concussed head jetted to Las Vegas to party. When Manziel was spotted in Vegas, he lied again, posting about “haters” on Twitter and putting up a picture of him and his dog laying on the carpet to Instagram. “#Saturdaynight,” he wrote. Fast forward to Sunday morning. Manziel was supposed to report to the team’s headquarters for a mandatory concussion evaluation. The QB did not show up and did not return phone calls. His agents apparently do not know where he is hiding. The entire Browns staff was fired after the game. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, who was Manziel’s biggest fan, confirmed that nobody knew where the hell Manziel had been, strongly implying that as the man who signs the paychecks, he was done covering for Manziel. Although nothing is ever certain in the NFL, blowing off the final game of the season as well as the team Johnny is under contract with is probably a strategy that will get him booted from the league.

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“There actually are real mermaids”… The new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (KUWTK) is in full swing. This season’s major Scott storyline was finally brought to a head, with Scott tearfully apologizing to the full Jenner/Kardashian clans for embarrassing the family. Among Scott’s rambling confession was the revelation that he chartered a jet to Mexico for a bunch of people he didn’t know because he was “so jealous and so scared.” Okay, sure. He also claimed if he didn’t have the kids (who he rarely sees and doesn’t take care of), he would consider suicide. It all came across as painfully calculated. Or as Khloe observed while she live-tweeted the episode, “I hate people who play victim. Take accountability people. Own your actions ‪#KUWTK.”  Although Kourtney said she wanted stability in a partner and Scott said he wanted to be that man, it’s several months later and the two haven’t reconciled. Maybe that’s because Scott is the Johnny Manziel of the Kardashian family? Elsewhere on KUWTK, the Kardashians took their kids to St. Barts on vacation, where Kourtney let us all in on a secret: “There actually are real mermaids.” And we thought Kourtney was the smart one!

“It was a set up!”

Turns out that Mark Salling doesn’t live alone after all! Salling has a roommate named Jonathan Hernandez, who is believed to be an actor. Hernandez’s brother is now speaking out in order to distance his brother from Salling’s child porn case. According to Frank Hernandez, the police raided Salling’s home and seized property that belonged exclusively to Salling that was stored in his room, not in Jonathan’s space in the house. Frank Hernandez said that his brother was not home during the raid, but probably was grilled heavily by the police. Hernandez added that “apparently, it was a set up” by Salling’s ex-girlfriend. They’re really running hard with the girlfriend revenge defense, but Salling would have to be a complete idiot to not notice thousands of child porn photographs and videos on his desktop, laptop, tablet and phone! Salling has a history of accusing women of treachery. When he was sued for sexual battery in 2013 after forcing a woman to have sex with him despite his refusal to wear a condom, his reps blasted the woman, saying “It’s the textbook case of a disgruntled girl looking to cash in on a TV star’s success.” The only problem with that comment is that Salling was later compelled to pay more than $2.7 million in a legal settlement to the woman. People typically refuse to pay millions of dollars unless there’s some fire behind that smoke! Moreover, the case settled in the middle of trial. That means Salling and his lawyers heard enough testimony to think they were about to lose the case. So who is this mysterious girlfriend who reported Salling to the police? Her name has yet to be revealed. The 33 year old Salling was last seen dating 19 year old Disney star Denyse Tontz, but their relationship ended a year ago. He previously dated Audrina Patridge, and had a messy breakup with Glee co-star Naya Rivera, which allegedly ended with her getting revenge on him by keying his car. Hmm… lots of women allegedly want revenge on Salling? Or is it that he spins it that way? Only time will tell. Police haven’t said if the girlfriend was of recent vintage or someone who dated him a few years back. Either way, in order for Salling to be cleared of the charges, he has to make it into a he-said, she-said kind of case, and that means her identity and motives will have to be revealed. Meanwhile, Salling has shared a picture of himself with a squirrel on Instagram. His way of saying something’s “squirrely” or just trying to deflect attention? Who knows!

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