Makeup Artists Talk About Spring Beauty Trends of 2017

Written by Jason Croteau
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Rihanna rocks the dark-rimmed eyes done by beauty blogger Jackie Aina.

Artists have been talking about the upcoming trends for the rest of the year of 2016. Celeb makeup artists say that the words to describe this years trends for skin are “Bare,”” Dewy,””Glowing,””Soft” and “Natural.” Celebrity makeup artist, Jenny Patinkin, says

Dark-Rimmed eyes will be a trend for 2016 Spring.” She says “you can fulfil that look by smudging a soft black or graphite grey eye shadow on the eyelids.”

Celebrity makeup artist, Viviana Martin, thinks that neutral eyes will be the trend, while having mascara as the main focus. Also, celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, agrees with artist Jo Freeman when she said that colors play a major part in makeup. Jo suggests that “teal eyeliner would go great with a soft pastel smokey eye.”  Now we must talk about the most important part of a woman’s body; her face! It’s what everyone see’s!  Contouring is one of the best thing that has happened to most women. Artist Stile, says

Contouring can be more believable if  the application is more gentle, sheer, and seethrough.” While artist Martin thinks that contouring will soon be “played out“, Patinkin suggests for going with “Lightly bronzed cheeks.”  

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Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West wearing a bright red lipstick.

As far as lips go, Freeman says that ” Naturallooking, glossy lips” will be a trend this year. Martin suggests that ” shimmery, delicate and muted lip tones” will be a hit this  year as well.  Makeup artist and creator of Kashuk Beauty  says that “Bright red lips are back and bigger than ever for Spring 2016.” After reading that I soon began to think that  “Old trends are now, new trends.”   Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West wearing a bright red lipstick, and further down you will see Ms. Marilyn Monroe wearing a similar  bright red lipstick from the 50’s that is still a trend in today’s generation.  These pictures are an example of how an A-lister like Mrs. Kardashian -West can wear a trend from the past and get everyone wearing it. That’s how most old trends become new trends if you really think about it.

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“Here’s Marilyn Monroe in the 50’s. She was not only known for her sexual actions but was also known for always wearing that bright red lipstick.”

 Now let’s get to the biggest problem of them all; Learning how to pick out the right makeup for your skin.  Of course, you need to first learn your skin tone! Start with a foundation that best fits your skin tone. To do so, you must always go makeup shopping with some q-tips. “Just until you have your skin tone down pack!”  With your cotton swab place it in the foundation sample that you think best fits. Then apply it to your jawline, if it’s invisible then you’ve met your match! If not, don’t give up!  If you have cool undertones, you may want to look for a foundation with a red or blue base. If have light, but warm undertones , you may want to look into foundations with a gold or yellow base.

Once you’ve figured out your undertones, you can pick out better lipstick colors that look best on your complexion. You can then know what shades fit you the best. Now doesn’t every woman have makeup they’ve never touched; just sitting in their makeup pouch? “Maybe you’re scared of how it will look.”  Well say no more! I’m about to help you find the perfect colors for your skin. I know, makeup colors can often clash with your skin color. That’s why they’re a guide to the perfect color for “I think” just about anyone.

For fair or darker skin tones, you can usually where anything neutral. When I say neutral, I mean nudes, pinks, reds and orange shades.“This makes the lipstick search much easier for you gals.”  For my pale gals, neutral is best for you as well. To be more specific,  if you have pink undertones, peachy and orangey shades are best for you. For yellow undertones, blue-based reds are your best friends. Now let’s not forget about our eye shadow colors. This too has to be chosen correctly, ” Unless you want to look like a clown.”  For those with dark skin, stay away from Ashy (Matte) shades. It’s best for you gals to go bold and bright. For those with Fair skin, stay away from grey shades. That look can often give a bruised appearance instead of a gorgeous one. So yes, no smokey eye for you!  What you can do though is apply sheer shades. In other words, stay with more softer shades. ” Don’t fear clear!”  Lastly, don’t forget to lightly contour the eyes! When doing so, make sure to use eye shadow a few shades darker than your original skin tone. If you don’t, your contoured eyelids will be overshadowed by the rest of your eye.

Let’s go shopping!

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