The Ultimate List of Style Tips For Busy Women


We all know that being in style ain’t easy, especially when you’re a busy woman. With so many rules to make sense of and trends to follow, I swear it can be pretty damn hard to put together the perfect outfit for every occasion.

However, things get surprisingly easier when you know the right stuff, and guess what I’ve prepared for you in this article?

Exactly. All the right stuff, so let’s go through these brilliant style tips that have already changed my life and that are guaranteed to change your too.

Find yourself a great tailor

Not every piece of clothing you find in a shop is going to look nice on you as it is, but with a little help from a good tailor, you won’t have to worry about your favorite clothes not fitting you ever again.

Spice up an old jean jacket with some cute buttons

Now that all these jean jackets are back in style, the time has finally come for you to show off that beautiful piece that you’ve been keeping in your closet all along. And since there’s always room for improvement, revamping your jackets with some funky buttons is the perfect idea. Oh, and by the way, it’s not just jean jackets that can benefit from this. Go crazy with your entire old school wardrobe.

Wear hats as often as you can

Hats are by far and away the most versatile things that a woman can wear, not to mention that they are also incredibly fashionable, regardless of the year we’re in. They can completely transform any outfit, and they flatter absolutely everyone. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you that they’ll make you look like a goddess even if you’re low maintenance AF.

Invest in some pretty scarves


It doesn’t necessarily have to be freezing outside to wear a nice scarf, because these babies are an absolute wonder. Just like hats, they can turn even the most boring outfit into a truly brilliant one, all that while making it look like you’ve actually put some effort into dressing up for the day, when all you did was wrap a piece of cloth around your neck. Yay!

Ever in doubt about what sunglasses you should wear?

Well, if the pic above is not a revelation, then I don’t know what is. Now what are you waiting for? Go to the mall and find your ideal shades. Wear them like a boss and show everybody that you do excel at everything related to fashion.

And let’s not forget about the other great thing about sunglasses, ’cause these bad boys allow you to look like a model even when you go grocery shopping with puffy eyes and not a single drop of makeup on your entire face, and we should appreciate that more.

Style 101: Layered necklaces are the word

Don’t be shy with your jewelry, sweetie! Long gone are the days when a thin necklace with a tiny pendant was all it took for women to be in style, and that’s some of the best news you could hear. Go wild with your necklaces and don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes, materials and styles.

Get some shoes that are the same color as your pants

They will make you look extra tall and also extra fashionable. Come on, isn’t this what we all want?

Nude heels and sandals – you need them 

Every woman should own at least one pair of these, not only because they go with anything you may be wearing, but also because they make your legs super long and slender, provided that you find a pair in a shade that’s similar to your skin color.

You can never go wrong with an all black outfit


Black is such an amazing shade that I am finding it extremely hard to pretend that I’m not in love with it. Black will never make you look fat, it will never make you look childish, it will never make you look like an idiot. Black will never betray you, because it’s always in style, and most importantly, it’s always flattering. For everyone.

 Yes, you can mix prints without looking like a clown

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s not impossible either. It takes time to master the art of mixing prints, but as long as you’re subtle about it and combine larger patterns with small ones, you should be fine.

Don’t be fooled by sales

I’m fully aware of how hard it is to say no to all those seemingly incredible bargains and surprise sales at the mall, but don’t listen to the lady trying to sell you that weird polka-dotted dress that you already know you’re not even going to wear anytime soon. A good price doesn’t make up for an ugly clothing article, and impulse buying can haunt you for quite a long time.