4 Things To Focus On Weeks Before Your Fitness Photoshoot

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There are few key things to do before your fitness photoshoot. First, eating right is essential. The second is working your body effectively using the right workouts. Here are some tips, tricks, and target zones to get the body you want for your upcoming shoot.

1. Think All over

Quite often we are driven to improve a certain area of our body: abs, butt, biceps, back…but, the truth is when we flip through a magazine we want it all. Yes, it’s nice to see a particularly good set of buns, or beautiful definition, but whether you are going for tone, bulk, or sleek muscle, the viewer is looking for the complete package. Think of workouts that target all areas, or find a routine that mixes it up enough to cover lots of ground. Implement exercises like swimming, tennis, or plyometric workouts in your weekly routine. Adding all over muscle exercises will be sure to balance your body.

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2. Routine

Be sure to find what works for you and stick to it. Adding an hour of steady cardio every morning—jogging, walking uphill, or biking— will burn a few hundred calories extra and kick start your metabolism. Be sure your weight training sessions are focused on shoulders, arms, abs, back, and legs. If you dedicate a day to each muscle group then you will get each muscle group.

By increasing strength training workouts (adding an additional 30 minute session per every other day per week is an extra 90 minutes in the gym) you can add muscle, burn more calories, and are guaranteed more results.

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High-intensity-interval Training is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. Mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jump rope cardio, sprints, and jump lunges are all great additions to your pre-photoshoot prep. The more muscle you have, the more your body needs to work to feed them, therefore you will burn more calories. The flowing exercises will help to target areas all over the body.

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4. Single-Leg Deadlift

Great for targeting the butt, this exercise will attack the glutes and the back. Balance on one foot and lift the opposite parallel to the floor. The goal is to bend as far to the ground without losing a straight back and knee. Use your glutes and keep the core tight.

5. Push-ups

We all want sexy arms and perky boobs—this exercise is great for attacking

the chest, shoulders, and arms. Be sure to keep a straight back and not let your lower back

lose form when you lower. Go on your knees if you cannot do a normal one.

6. Planks

workout, fitness, diet, exercise photoPlanks get deep into the abdominal muscles that many abs exercises don’t reach. Using your elbows, go into push-up position with your belly tucked and whole for one minute. Then alternate to side Planks: lying on your side with your knees straight, use your left elbow and forearm to hold up your upper body while lifting your hips. Hold the position and switch.

7. Squats

Squats are a champion exercise that target your glutes, quads, and hamstring muscles Using the strength in your legs, lower your glutes into a sitting position until your quads are parallel with the floor, then raises up and repeat.

8. Bridge

While it is a simple move, it is a great one for your back and butt. With your back flat to the ground and your knees bent, keep your feet flat on the floor. Slowly lift your hips until your body is in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold this and then repeat.

9. Diet

Cutting back on carbohydrates and replacing them with organic, whole foods is the best way to guarantee your body is getting the nutrients it needs to preform and look its best. Be sure to get enough protein such as turkey, bison, and white meats such as chicken breast and white fish. Compliment with dark leafy greens and consider cutting back on sugar. Many people have mixed reviews about nuts: some believe that it is important to get fat from almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews, especially right before the shoot, eat something that has a good amount of calories. Others try to avoid fat and nuts. It depends on the body you are trying to achieve. Lean muscle is best without as much fat intake while more bulky bodies can use dense calories. Avoid processed foods, including protein powders, or artificial chemicals.

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It’s really imperative to remember that all exercise requires determination and consistency. To achieve great results, especially with abs and defined tone, you will need to incorporate healthy eating habits and cardio exercise. It will definitely take time: don’t be misled that you will have a supermodel body in just a few weeks. What counts are the exercises and the benefits they have on your body, your mind, and your health.