THIS Is How You Should Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes

men's clothing

In this day and age, fashion is more permissive than ever. If you’ve got the right attitude, you can wear pretty much everything that you like, regardless how crazy an idea it would seem at first. Men’s clothing articles, for instance, have been a pretty stylish choice ever since a lazy but inspired woman donned her boyfriend’s shirt for the first time, but lately, well, everyone’s raving about it – and honestly, there’s good reason for that.

And I’m talking not only about the fact that men’s clothing looks absolutely amazing, but also about the comfort factor, which is simply insane! Wearing baggy stuff, getting away with it and being deemed fashionable? Sign me up right away.

Truth is, unless you want to look like a non-chic boho, you can’t just throw any random article of men’s clothing on you and hope for the best. To achieve a good look, there are certain things that you have to consider, and guess what? I’ve made a list of 5 awesome ways in which you can wear your boyfriend’s clothes like an absolute legend.

men's clothing

Plaid Shirts Are Your New Best Friends

I believe that we’ve taken the existence of the well known plaid shirt for granted for way too long. Nice and colorful, but also baggy and comfortable, this type of shirt is just too gorgeous to be worn by your boyfriend only. He probably has a lot of them anyway, so if you’re looking for an outfit that is both edgy and effortless, you can always borrow a shirt from him and pair it either with a sexy pair of short shorts or some skinny jeans. The size of the shirt will make your legs longer and slimmer, not to mention that it will also give you that chic, street-like look that we’re all after these days.

Every woman needs a white button down in her life

You know what’s ever cooler than a flannel shirt? One of those crisp white shirts that are big enough to fit a man but fancy enough to flatter a woman. Based on the clothes and accessories that you wear them with, you can get tons of different outfits for every occasion. You can always tuck the front part either into a pair of black pants or boyfriend jeans, and depending on how sophisticated you want to look, you can wear this with sneakers, wedge sandals and even high heels. Anyone else feeling like conquering the world right now?

No T-Shirt Is Too Big For You



I am totally in love with baggy t-shirts, because these babies are by far and away the most versatile in the world. You can wear them with absolutely every kind of pants – but I would suggest skinny ones, because they make your legs look hella slender – and if the t-shirt is long enough, you can forget about jeans altogether and wear it as a dress. The most obvious shoewear would be something sporty, but if you’re feeling bold enough, you can always go for a pretty pair of sandals. After all, who needs a little black dress when you’ve got your boyfriend’s tee?

bomber jacket

Layer it up and you won’t regret it

You know how men usually wear multiple layers of clothing? Well, this is a wonderful technique, and let’s face it, it looks pretty damn amazing, so why not take advantage of it too? If you’re not a big fan of the classic shirt and vest combo, then you can always wear a baggy sweater over a regular – and even unironed! – shirt or even a bomber jacket with a short, fancy dress like the pic above.

Boyfriend Jeans for the Win

boyfriend jeans

Not unexpectedly, boyfriend jeans are on this list, and I’m not even sorry for this, because these bad boys have been an absolute game changer lately, and that’s mainly because they look and feel so damn good. After more than a decade of seeing skinny jeans all over the place boyfriend jeans are truly a breath of fresh air. They have a lot more personality than regular pants and they also enable you to show off those beautiful ankles of yours! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention just how awesome these jeans look when you pair them with heels …

Bottom line is, as long as your boyfriend doesn’t mind it, you can always borrow a thing or two from him. If you’re single, don’t worry, because you can just buy men’s clothing items from the store. I’m actually really keen on doing this, because men’s clothes are generally not only cheaper than women’s, but also better quality. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the plaid shirts they sell in the women’s section, compare them with the ones for men and then you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Have fun experimenting, my dear ladies!