5 Things That Every Stylish Woman Should Do


Being stylish is not about following a set of stupid, utterly pointless rules set by a bunch of annoying fashion editors, but rather about finding your own voice and expressing yourself through awesome clothes, shoes and accessories. However, some guidance is always appreciated, especially when it’s aimed at helping you dress like the best version of yourself.


And because I’m all about women rediscovering themselves and looking freaking awesome, I’ve decided to write an article comprising the five most important habits of a stylish lady. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you to go and buy every Chanel piece that you can get your hands on – it would not only be outrageously expensive, but also useless, because you’d look just like everybody else. This won’t happen if you buy cheaper clothing articles with personality and combine them in an interesting way.

Without further ado, let’s get to our facts. You’re guaranteed to love them and I am absolutely certain that they will boost your confidence like crazy.

Number 1

Every store has something amazing to offer

The high end stores at the mall are by no means the only places where you should go shopping. To be honest, unless there are some sales going on, I advise against buying stuff from there in the first place.

A truly stylish person feels comfortable in absolutely every store, regardless of whom it is aimed at. Thrift shops, for instance, can be quite a treasure trove if you’re after unique items that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention one of the most obvious advantages of this option: the awesome prices. And by the way, did you know that Forever 21 has some real awesome stuff that fashionable adults can actually wear, even as an adult?

Number 2

Trends are not your friendsstylish

You’re most definitely aware that trends tend to come and go all the time. And this happens so damn fast, that you can’t even keep up with them. You buy the purse that everyone’s been raving about over the past few months and then suddenly, it’s gone out of fashion and there’s another weird thing around that you need to own in order to exist. Well, I want no part in that and neither should you.

So next time you’re thinking of splurging a few hundred dollars on the seemingly coolest thing on the market, remember that everyone’s going to forget about it – and that’s going to happen sooner rather than later. Believe me, you’re a lot better off investing in some good quality, staple pieces for your wardrobe.

Number 3

 … And neither are designer labels

A truly stylish woman doesn’t need designer labels to validate her fashion choices. Ideally, you should feel like a boss all the time, regardless of what you’re wearing. Things are always easier when you’re not thinking about showing off your designer stuff, so maybe we should all start appreciating clothes and accessories based on how they actually look, and not based on the logos they’ve got printed on them.

Learn to love yourself at all times and keep in mind that true glamour comes from the inside. Wear every outfit with confidence – even when you’re grocery shopping – and you’ll see that even the most boring t-shirt in your closet will become iconic.

Number 4

Being stylish should by no means be your only purposestylish

I cannot stress this enough, but being fashionable isn’t supposed to be a chore. You know what? You don’t even need to be stylish in the first place! No, I haven’t gone crazy just yet. What I’m trying to say is that dressing in a way that represents your personality should be your very own choice. It shouldn’t be imposed on you by somebody else and you should not feel as if you have a duty to look sassy AF every time you walk out the door.

Anyway, although it’s good to acknowledge your fashion style, you also need to be chill about it. Don’t try too hard to be the most fashionable person in your group, because it’s eventually going to show. Take it easy and don’t be an attention seeker. Dress for your own self and try to take pleasure not only in wearing a certain outfit, but also in preparing it.

And most importantly, don’t sacrifice your own comfort and well being for the sake of looks. Christian Louboutin heels do slay, but if your feet hurt like hell when you’re wearing them, well, you’re definitely not going to have a great day. Remember – comfortable stuff can be just as stylish, if you know how to wear it.

Now go ahead and have fun! Start off by looking at everything you’ve got in your closet and throw away everything that doesn’t fit you well. Don’t get nostalgic and get ready to become your coolest, most fashionable self.