Organize Your Makeup Like a Pro (The Easy Way)

You know that absolutely marvelous feeling that you get when you’ve finally managed to buy all the makeup products that you’ve wanted for so long? Going through your entire collection of eye shadows, eye liners, blushes, lippies and highlighters is pretty awesome when you’re bored AF on a Saturday night, but things aren’t that cool when you’ve got a huge pimple on your forehead, you’re already late for work and you can’t find that damn concealer anywhere.

Yep, clutter on your makeup desk can and will ruin your life, so why not do something about it? If you’re out of inspiration, just keep reading this, because the ideas I’ve got for you are truly amazing, not to mention that you’ll only need things you’ve got around the house.

Your lipsticks are better off in a shoe organizer



‘Cause deep down, every woman is a lipstick enthusiast. Anyway, if you’re looking for a cheap, but super fancy solution to all that nasty clutter that’s gotten over your desk, you should probably consider this. It’s transparent, so you can see all the colors you have right away, it gives you easy access to every single one of your lippies, not to mention that the whole thing looks real’ pretty.

Sick of finding bobby pins scattered all around the house?


In that case, something as simple as a magnetic strip will do the trick just fine. Best thing is, it works for nail files and other small metallic accessories too.

Cake stands. They’re gorgeous.


Instagram/ emilyloulablog

If you thought the kitchen was the only place for a cake stand like this, well, you were wrong. Believe me, ever since I started using this trick, my morning routine has gotten significantly placed on it, so that I don’t have to go looking for them every time I’m in a hurry (which does tend to happen quite a lot, unfortunately.) Anyway, this one is both chic and effective, so you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone.

An egg holder is ideal for your makeup spongesmakeup

If you’re using a beauty blender or other similar makeup sponges, then you’ve probably dropped one on the floor at least once. These little babies have a habit of rolling off the table pretty often, and that sucks, especially when it happens while you are actually applying product on your face. You know, there’s nothing worse than having half of your face covered in foundation and having to wash that dirty beauty blender to finish your look.

Now that’s a sweet way to store your makeup brushes


Anna Savanna

If you’re not in the mood for buying one of those bulky – and quite expensive! – brush holders, don’t worry, because there are loads of cheaper and prettier DIY alternatives out there, the one above being just one of them. All you need is a simple vase that you can buy from the dollar store and white gravel. I’m pretty sure you don’t need any extra instructions, but remember that you can work with different materials too. Coffee beans, for instance, look just as fancy, as do colorful beads.

Got two many single eye shadows? Three words: ice cube trays.



I’ve been using this trick for years, and somehow, I still can’t believe how brilliant it is. A regular eye shadow pot will fit just perfectly into one of these, and it’s also really easy to see all the colors. For extra space, don’t leave the trays lying around all over the place. Instead, you can clear a drawer or two and store them inside.

And you thought magnetic boards weren’t coolmakeupmagnetic

Looks good, don’t you think? And considering that it’s also super efficient, I highly recommend that you make yourself one of these as soon as possible. The board itself is actually metallic, but you can obviously cover it in some cute adhesive paper. After that, stick tiny magnets on the back of your favorite products and you’re good to go. If you want to get extra classy, frame your DIY masterpiece and hang it on a wall next to your mirror.

There’s more to a desk file organizer than you’d think


There you go. Sweet, simple and super efficient for displaying your makeup palettes and other smaller products.

Lace it up, gurl



Sometimes, simply keeping makeup products in a drawer is not enough. Stuff may look fine before you close the drawer, but when you open it, things never look as good as you’d expect them too. Therefore, you need something to keep them in place, and there’s nothing that can do the job better than lace.

The nail polish box


A shoe box is the ideal place to store your nail polishes. Dab a little polish on each cap to quickly see where each color is.