An SOS For The Dating World

One of my favorite topics in the world to talk about is “Love”. It’s my favorite topic because I like that everyone has their own opinions and their own preferences. I also like that everyone has their own definition of love. I feel that it’s true; love can be defined in many different ways. When it comes to love, I’m very open minded to what comes next in my life. So I’m here to tell you all about what you’re doing wrong.  Hopefully my tips can help you to a long lasting relationship in the future!

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“Mr. Rob Kardashian back in the spotlight with Blac Chyna!” ” It’s even been said that they are engaged and possibly a baby on the way! Congrats to them!!”

       “Today I will be going over the do’s and don’ts as far as dating and relationships. Dating can be hard for those who don’t get out much, or are used to being by themselves. That actually can become a problem with your partner in the long run.”

First step to dating is never go through friends! Never date your friends! Dating your friends can be messy in the end. It can lead to both being stuck feeling unloved and friendless.

Also never date someone you know absolutely nothing about. Once you catch feelings for that person, you will be so heart- broken when you find out who they really are. So to prevent that, get to know them a little better before you let your guard down. Especially be cautious if you date online.  The top site to try if you don’t think your partner’s being honest is  and sometimes you can go to the city website that you reside in or that you think he/she may have done crimes in and look up your guy or gals name. The city may also charge a small fee. Although these sites have a small fee, it’s nothing over $20 unless you’re looking for a membership.

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” Sister, Kim Kardashian and husband, Kanye going for a stroll in their neighborhood”

Aside from protecting yourself, you must always find some type of common ground when it comes to your interests. Don’t you hate feeling like you’re being pulled around or dragged into doing something you have completely no interest in? Well don’t do that to your partner! Sit down with them and find out what you two have in common. Even if it’s as small as shopping or sports. Another idea is traveling with your significant other! “We all need a break from everyday reality right?” Sit down with your partner and discuss the places you both have always wanted to go! You too may want to travel to the same place. If so but there’s too many; create a bucket list of all the places you want to travel to with your partner. That is one way to not only share the same interests, but to grow closer. Every couple deserves to be close to the ones they love.

Now let’s talk about keeping a relationship. Us women always feel entitled to everything. In a mans perspective, they see it as we’re greedy, needy or always looking for a hand out. If your guy feels that way, your relationship may not last that much longer! Also, no matter how busy you are, make time to call your partner and let them know how your days going! Remind them  that you love them! Ask them how their day is going as well. If they had a bad one, give them words of encouragement! Make them feel loved and make them love answering the phone when you call! That’s how we score cool points for a great, healthy, long lasting, marriage or boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship. You should also compliment one another, ” You know us women can’t stay out the mirror from finding imperfections!” “Complements can really make our day, especially coming from the ones we love.” Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, ” Closed mouths don’t get fed!” In relationships, nothing will ever be resolved if you keep it to yourself, it can cause problems such as arguments or possible break ups.

Now back to dating, “Never judge a book by it’s cover!” Just because they may not seem interesting at first, doesn’t mean they aren’t. Or just because he’s not the most attractive, doesn’t mean he will never grow on you. Once you get know a person a little better, you may actually not be able to keep yourself away from them! Sometimes the tables may turn, they may get annoyed by you.  Another thing, Don’t be so picky or try not to come off as a picky person; most men hate the picky type. They feel like they will never be able to please you in any way.  So be sure to keep these pieces of advice in mind, or bookmarked in a portable device; you may need it!