20 Hilarious Kid Answers That Deserve An A+

We’ve all been kids, so we now full well what a daunting prospect a test can be when you’re young. However, some kids are resourceful enough – to say the least – to come up with witty answers to questions they might not know much about. Take a look at 20 answers that definitely deserve an A+.

1. The end of one…


The end of one year marks the beginning of another. Quite basic, if you ask us. Give the child the check mark they deserve.

2. Taking things literally

This kid might never go on to study biology, but they’re definitely going places.


3. Free iron press

We doubt this is the answer the teacher was looking for, but the kid did give a correct example.


4. Mariah Carey fan

Well done, sweetie!


5. Explaining math is hard

Not even neuroscientists can fully explain most of our thought processes, so why do we expect that from a primary school child?


6. Not nice!

You mean little thing! The teacher is right, the ‘chuby’ part is not nice at all.


7. Signing location

This answer about the Declaration of Independence might be correct, but we doubt this kid will be getting any points in the exam for it. Such a funny answer, though!


8. True that

That’s a real burn, teach.


9. Following instructions

Sometimes instructions are just not clear enough.


10. Finding X

Way to go, Sherlock!


11. It’s a secret

Very sneaky of him, but the teacher wasn’t amused at all.


12. Almost right

Extra points for making corellations, kiddo!


13. Literally expanding

Very funny, Peter. Indeed.


14. She is blind

Nice try!


15. The Physical States

This kid should’ve gone for Social Sciences instead of Physics.


16. It’s hard to relate to all this

Quite hilarious, isn’t it? Another good answer for someone with a sister would be ‘My sister doesn’t speak Spanish‘.


17. It’s all about appropriate spacing

This one proves that you should never ever ignore spacing.


18. The easy way out

This kid found an easy way to work around the equation. Who said trigonometry was hard?


19. Some solutions to problems, though

This kid’s definitely not going to suffer too much in life. Trivial problems just aren’t for them!


20. Math. It’s everywhere

Yes dearie, that is math. But we don’t think your teacher will appreciate your answer as much as we do.


21. Name The Shapes

This little kid didn’t understand the meaning of ‘name’. Despite the options at the top, he instead gave the shapes human names. So funny! Her name might be hope, but there’s no hope for these answers.

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