Archive - June 26, 2017


Cheat Day? What Is Better? Wine Or A Brownie?

So, your cheat day has arrived, but you are careful not to over indulge as it could make your efforts at the gym and efforts of sticking to a balanced diet ¨fruitless.¨ Therefore, what do you choose to splurge on? Is it a glass of wine or a brownie? Let us help make your decision easy. Brownie According to Susan Bowerman, R.D, brownies have health benefits, ¨Cocoa flavanols are considered heart healthy because they help to lower blood pressure and fats in the blood.¨ Regrettably, the advantages of eating a brownie are outnumbered by its disadvantages. Kelly Johnston, R.D, states, ¨An average brownie packs about 14 grams of sugar. Because a brownie is also highly processed, it loses almost all of the nutritional benefits we can typically get from quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa...

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