Archive - April 17, 2017


12 Reasons You Should Be Eating Garlic Right Now

When most people think of garlic they think of the intoxicating smell of French and Italian food that beckons you into restaurants you know you can’t afford. Whether it is sautĂ©ing garlic in butter or infusing it in olive oil, we are weak to the power of garlic. Sometimes bad breath and vampires creep into our thoughts…But what about the health benefits? Garlic is a superhero when it comes to the positive effects it has on our bodies. Many alternative health practitioners claim garlic as a medicine with its many healing properties. This plant, part of the onion family (Allium) is grown and exported all over the world.For thousands of years and cultures hailing from all over the world, garlic has been used as a medicine. In China and India it was used as an aid in digestion...

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