Archive - March 29, 2017


Fashion Trends That Allegedly Are Going to be Huge This Season

Yes, it’s true that fashion trends are probably the most fickle things there are, but if you’re like me, not a season goes by when you aren’t curious to want to know what those trends might be. It’s not that you intend on following them all by rote, it’s more the anticipation of the big reveal. What will it be this time around? Flares? Velvet ribbon chokers? Fringe? Velour track suits? I still can’t get over that last one. This spring season, I’m quite pleased to be able to write that all of the trends that have come across my fashion writer’s desk (with the exception of the aforementioned) have been both accessible and wearable, something that you can’t always write about trends in the world of fashion. So without further ado...

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