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Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles and Zac Efron in Cutest “Love Triangle” ever!


When you are sitting at home on your sofa, watching the Olympics while stuffing your face with Cheetos, it’s easy to forget that these seemingly superhuman creatures that are appearing on your television screens are actually people with the same kind of likes, dislikes, hangups, and crushes as the rest of us. Take Simone Biles for example. Biles is the five-time Olympic gold-medalist for team USA, and is such a unique and powerful gymnast (at the ripe old age of 19, no less) that she actually has a signature move that the world has dubbed “The Biles.”

While this post is not meant to be about Biles’ supersonic capabilities as a gymnast, The Biles is worthy of a moment of our time, because it is (for lack of a better descriptor) completely and utterly awesome.

The Biles has been broken-down nicely by Joe Ward, a photographer for The New York Times, and you can see it played-out frame by frame in the photo below.


Pretty awesome, right!?

In addition to being able to pull-off superhuman, gravity-defying feats like the above move, as I mentioned earlier, it’s nice to know that Simone Biles, like the rest of us, is susceptible to the odd celebrity crush. For Biles, that crush is none other than Zac Efron. Here is a little something that she posted to her Instagram account.


However, unlike when those of us mere mortals have celebrity crushes, her celebrity crush has actually reciprocated her affections. I suppose that’s part and parcel when you are a high-profile, charismatic athlete with the world at your fingertips, but Efron, once he caught wind of Biles’ crush, was right there in it, and sent her Tweets of support when she qualified for the All-Around final at the Rio Olympics.


And it didn’t end there! It appears that everyone wanted in on the act. Biles was featured on the Today Show’s Olympic coverage segment, where they had a bit of a surprise waiting for her.  Zac Efron appeared from out of the wings and greeted his number one fan with a peck on the cheek, and Biles (as well as the rest of us) swooned. but not before taking a selfie or two. As you do.


However, little did any of us know that there was a third party involved in this torrid “affair”. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, Biles has had another admirer stashed away – a man named Arthur Nory Mariano, a Brazilian gymnast who also happens to be a bronze medalist (for his floor routine). According to Mariano, he and Biles have been friendly since 2013, when the two met at the World Championships. In fact, Biles and Mariano have become so close that Biles actually refers to Mariano as “her Brazilian boyfriend”. The two frequently text and Tweet, and it would seem that Efron may have to up his game in this, one of the cutest high-stakes fake boyfriend social media campaigns in recent memory. And I’m including Hiddleswift in that count too, in case you were wondering.

After seeing Biles and Efron’s carryings-on on television and social media, Mariano posted the following photo to his Instagram account with the following caption.


Hey @zacefron I saw her first… She is my girl ❤️😁🙏🏻 Proud of you Simone! You are phenomal in whole world and special. You made history. Love u “sai daqui ZéKi Éfrom, ta pensando que eu sou bobo é? Desde 2013 estou com ela.. Ela minha garota. Sou da lapa e lá nois breca talaricas. 😂” #love ❤️ Repost from @simonebiles @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost 💚✨ @arthurnory

According to the gossip site Celebitchy, the Portuguese portion of the caption translates roughly to “Get out of here, Zac Efron! Are you thinking I’m some kind of fool? I’ve been with her since 2013. She’s my girl…We have a brick bond!”

See? Cutest-ever, am I right!? Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift take note – this is how you have a fake Instagram relationship without alienating your fan base. It’s lighthearted, grounded in mutual admiration, and none of the participants are taking themselves too seriously or trying to micromanage their “image” by manipulating their fans. It’s simply a bit of fun, and everyone wins. This is how you do it.

Also an interesting aside; according to Celebitchy, Biles is allegedly the number one pick for the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. While I cannot purport to being a huge watcher of the show (and not just because I live in the UK), watching a gymnast of her caliber on the dance floor would be something that I might actually tune-in to see. And if they could get Efron in on the action? Ratings gold.

But I wonder what Mariano would have to say about all that? things could get out of control. Medals could fly…

#fakeboyfriendproblems, #lovetriangle

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