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Taylor Swift is Not Going to the MTV Video Music Awards, But Kanye West Is


Here is Taylor Swift, supposedly on her way to or from “the gym.” I always put “the gym” in quotes when it is a story about Taylor Swift because of that string of pap walks that she did a year or two ago out in New York where it was finally revealed (via a blind item story) that she really didn’t even work out at all; she would just go to the gym, hang out at the smoothie bar for a while, then get papped on her way out, “post-workout”, and with a full face of makeup and styled to death. Remember that?

Anyway, apparently word on the street is that Taylor “gym rat” Swift is not going to be attending the VMA awards this year. She is not nominated for any awards this time around, and while surely that may have something to do with it, I’m guessing that the Swift camp’s too-little-too-late attempt at being “low-profile” after the Hiddleswift fiasco has everything to do with it.

That’s still going on, by the way – that whole Hiddleswift thing. Although according to People there have now been some reports of the couple fighting over “not getting to spend enough time together”. I know, right? Honey, please. You have a private jet. 

Also according to People, Swift will actually be in New York City the night of the New York-based VMAs, but is still not planning on attending. Her arch nemesis however, Kanye West, is not only attending, he is performing. People tells us that he will do a four-minute performance. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s a long time in the world of television. Add to that the fact that allegedly, the producers at MTV are pretty much letting Kanye “do whatever he wants with his slot”, and that he plans on performing the song Famous. The very one that created such a kerfuffle between him and Taylor Swift in the first place – enough to prompt his wife to drop the “receipts” on Swift and paint her as a manipulative, PR-thirsty liar (if you still don’t really know what happened there – and I wouldn’t blame you, it’s complicated, you can get caught up here).

It’s also interesting that Swift still has the response post to Kim Kardashian-West’s “outing” on her Instagram feed. Jeb Instagram feed has been pretty quiet of late – likely also another late attempt at “low profile”, but she has opted to keep this post up and running, despite the fact that the internet called it out about thirty seconds after it went live, citing the fact that the “<search” tab in the upper left hand corner is present (meaning this was a pre-written response by either Swift or, more likely, one of her team).

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 19.20.13

So clearly she has not yet let go, and is probably avoiding a confrontation at the awards show. And so the world, and the VMAs, will go on without her.

Or will it? Venerable gossip site D-Listed has an interesting take, and I would not discount their theory, that is clearly grounded in the “no such thing as negative publicity” school of thought.

So nobody should be surprised if during Kanye’s performance, Tay Tay and Kim come out onto the stage hand-in-hand and they all patch things up with a group hug and everything is daisies again… And then in a few months they’ll all decide that they need more attention so they’ll start fighting and we’ll do it all over again.

I have to say, that is an angle that I had not thought of, and a very astute observation at that. after all, attention-seeking via paparazzi and social media is something that for Swift, as akin to the breathing of oxygen for the rest of us. Even looking at these latest pap shots of her “casually strolling into the gym” (with bodyguard), something just feels a bit off, doesn’t it?

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 19.25.50

That’s because they’re staged.  These are pap strolls, albeit of a slightly less weapons-grade caliber than the recent Hiddleswift whirlwind romance variety. You know what I find most strange about these “to and from the gym” shots that Swift always like to foist upon us? She’s not carrying anything. Not a single thing. Granted, I know she’s a celebrity, and probably has some poor PA walking behind her at a distance of three paces with his or her eyes averted, but still – is this not odd to anyone else? Where’s the water bottle? Where’s her gym bag!? Where’s her hair elastic, for Pete’s sake!? And most importantly, upon closer inspection, the girl is wearing a full face of makeup. Okay, we can’t see her eyes, but foundation? Lipstick? To go to the gym!? Nope. I’m calling shenanigans on this new, “low profile” routine. This waddles and quacks like the same old duck that we saw posing for the paps in Italy with Loki on her arm. And as my Granny always said, “if it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…it’s probably a duck.”


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