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Prince Charles Has Been Paying Camilla’s Sister Millions in “Commissions”


Apparently Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is very close to her sister. But how close is too close when it comes to the potential for a royal scandal? If the events of this week are anything to go by, the answer is likely right in front of us.

Annabel Elliot is Camilla’s sister, and while she is nowhere near the level of scandalous that we have come to know in these modern times, it would seem that the UK publication the Daily Mail is trying to create a scandal nonetheless. Apparently the big deal is that Annabel Elliot has been receiving numerous commissions from Prince Charles for her “services.”

Now, before you go reading anything into that, I suppose I should note here that Annabel is an interior designer, and Charles, perhaps conveniently, has been using Annabel to design the interiors of many of his properties.

According to the Daily Mail, Elliot has earned over 1.5 million British Pounds off of her Royal connections since her sister married Charles in 2005.

Inevitably there is renewed gossip about Mrs Elliot receiving more sustenance from her sister’s royal table — annual accounts of the Duchy, which provide Charles with his multi-millionaire lifestyle, reveal it has paid Annabel £1.5 million for goods and design services since Camilla, 69, married the Prince in 2005.


While this kind of nepotism in business is certainly not something that should strike anyone as particularly surprising, what really is in question here is the appropriateness of Elliot’s skill set in relation to the sheer volume of commissions that she is receiving from the Duke and duchess of Cornwall.

As an example of this, the Daily Mail used Elliot’s latest commission as an example. The Duke, Prince Charles, has created what many call a “model village” in the center of Poundbury, on the outskirts of Dorchester. There, he has commissioned Elliot to design the interiors for a pub that will be named The Duchess Of Cornwall — after Annabel’s elder sister — when it opens in October.

That seems fair enough, right? However, apparently there are rumblings that the work she has done on the project is….well…let’s call it derivative.

Friends have noticed that the building, which Charles refers to as Poundbury’s new ‘pub’, bears a striking resemblance to Mayfair’s imposing Ritz Hotel, a place to which the Prince has a great sentimental attachment. It was at the Ritz in January 1999, at a party celebrating Annabel’s 50th birthday, that Camilla famously emerged from the shadows to be photographed with Charles in public for the first time.

While that is certainly not the most glowing endorsement of Elliot’s design game, that is not the only element at work. It is likely just as plausible that the affection Charles allegedly has for the venue has informed a bit of Elliot’s design process. Charles likely wants to use his fond memories of making his relationship with Camilla “official” by creating a similar environment to the one that he publicly acknowledged his relationship with Camilla in.


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