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Lindsay Lohan Not Pregnant – Nobody Surprised


In a piece of gossip news that has left absolutely zero people reeling with disbelief, Lindsay Lohan, despite her rather spectacular social media tirade a week ago in which (among other things) she claimed to be pregnant, is not knocked-up. Unsurprisingly to anyone who has every followed the Lohan camp for more than a minute and a half, the news was leaked to TMZ by none other than Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mother. The reason she gave for Lindsay’s rather creative use of the truth? That her daughter simply “overreacted.”

Lindsay Lohan is not an irresponsible beer guzzling, chimney smoking pregnant woman … she was just, well, lying — according to her mom. Dina Lohan tells TMZ her daughter was an emotional wreck after fleeing from fiancé Egor Tarabasov. As we reported, the 2 got in such a heated argument, the London cops came and actually kicked in their door.

Dina says Lindsay was just trying to get revenge on Egor — whom she accused of cavorting with a Russian chick — when she claimed she was pregnant. Things got complicated when these pics surfaced, showing her smoking, drinking and certainly looking like she might be pregnant.

Dina now says Lindsay was distraught and just “overreacted.” She’s not pregnant and wants some time away from Egor, but is not done with him. We’re told Lindsay is still engaged and plans on getting back with him.

I’m not so sure that I believe that last part – that Lindsay is still with Egor Tarabasov. I think that Lindsay’s whole meltdown happened on the back of the fact that Tarabasov broke up with her (or tried to), and Lohan completely lost it. According to TMZ, the two of them had such a falling-out that the police were called to their London residence, and had to actually kick in the door. Allegedly by the time the police gained entrance, than and Tarabasov had fled the apartment. Shortly thereafter, she went on her social media tirade, claiming that he had been hooking up with a Russian hooker.

You can understand why Lohan might act desperately if she caught scent of the fact that Tarabasov was leaving her. After all, that would be her personal ATM taking his leave, wouldn’t it? Also, the fact that Tarabasov also has been as silent as the grave throughout all of the drama of the past few weeks is very telling in and of itself. Is he ghosting her? Probably. From where I’m sitting, it looks like maybe the guy has had enough. After all, he’s only 22 years old. That’s a lot of drama that you don’t really need at any age, but when you’re a 22 year-old oligarch’s kid and a bazillionaire, you simply do no have to go there.

This also flies in the face of what her father, the much-maligned (for good reason) Michael Lohan has been telling the press. Last week, when asked to comment (and the Lohans always do), he told the Daily Mail the following.

It’s troubling. It’s troubling that she is pregnant. He [Tarabasov] needs to get his act together. She is going through this hard time in the relationship. That’s kind of hard.

When asked about the possibility that perhaps Lindsay might be lying (as she has done in the past), Michael Lohan stuck to his story, even repeating the pregnancy claim in another interview with People.

The last communication that I had was she told me she was pregnant… I don’t think she’d lie to me…

Michael Lohan doesn’t think that Lindsay would lie to him, which makes you wonder if Michael Lohan has ever even met his daughter in her current incarnation. But then, I suppose it’s in Michael Lohan’s financial interest to have Lindsay pregnant, if only in the headlines, because how else is he going to demand cash for interviews? Hey, a guy’s gotta make a living, right? Even if it is on the back of the unfortunate life of his own daughter.

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So…I guess we can all rest a little easier? Maybe? Obviously those who were clutching their pearls about how Lindsay was spotted on vacation in Sardinia clutching drinks, smoking cigarettes, and just looking overall like she really, REALLY needs to lay off the booze – well, I suppose they can rest a little easier, because she isn’t damaging her unborn child. However, shat she’s doing to her liver – that appears to be another story altogether.


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