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J Lo and Casper Smart are Over, But He Won’t Leave


Apparently J Lo and Casper Smart have been broken up for nearly two weeks now, something that oddly, I had not really paid much attention to when it initially came across the gossip feeds. Who is Casper Smart, you ask? That is an excellent question. Like many of you, I sort of knew who Casper Smart was, the way everyone does . He’s the much-younger backup dander boyfriend of J Lo. I mean, isn’t that pretty much the general consensus? I think so.

And while that description is not necessarily wrong, there is a little more about Mr. Smart that we can glean from that omnipotent oracle, The Internet. For instance, according to his website (www.caspersmart.com), he is also an actor, choreographer, and creative director of such things as the opening number for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

I have to admit, reading Smart’s Bio was the first I’d ever heard that he was an actor. Although everyone in L.A. calls themselves an actor, so really I should be about zero percent surprised by that. Here is what his bio says about his acting career.

A banner year for actor, creative director and choreographer Beau “Casper” Smart, Smart completed lead and/or supporting roles in 6 acting projects in 2014 with distinctive characters ranging from an embattled UFC fighter to an ego maniacal youth soccer coach.

“Stretching” your acting chops all the way from “embattled UFC fighter” to “ego maniacal youth soccer coach”? That’s pretty much telling the world that your acting range starts at “angry” and goes all the way to “slightly angrier.”

But I digress. The reason I’ve gathered you all here today is that Casper (Beau, whatever) Smart, despite having apparently been dumped by J Lo nearly two weeks ago, like a smelly piece of fish that has been left inside of a trash can in an unairconditioned garage, is currently refusing to leave her house. In Touch Magazine recently covered the story:

Casper Smart is having a hard time moving on! In Touch has exclusively learned that the backup dancer is still camped out in Jennifer Lopez’s LA mansion, despite their apparent breakup.

He was refusing to move out of Jennifer’s house. And he even threatened legal action if Jennifer attempts to have the locks changed. He won’t accept that the relationship is over. Further, J.Lo feels the dancer is only eager to reconcile in order to gain access to her bank account again.

She cut off all of his credit cards and access to a bank account she’d established for him. She was very generous to Casper. Dating her has a lot of perks — private-jet travel, over-the-top vacations, attending only the best parties — so Jennifer questions whether he’s in love with her or her lifestyle.

Yikes, a boyfriend who won’t leave your house after you’ve broken-up with him. That’s the stuff that Hollywood movies are made from, is it not? And alarmingly, the role of “jilted ex-boyfriend” is one that Smart is actually pretty qualified to play. You know with his “angry” to “angrier” range.

Luckily for J Lo, she is not married to Smart. Therefore any asset-garbing that he tries to engage in will likely be an act of futility. Hopefully, she hasn’t made any kind of major gift to Smart that he might claim as his rightful property. And she seems pretty shrewd about protecting her assets. As she cancelled his credit cards and frozen his bank account (that she was funding).


Any Conclusions?

So is this really a case of a sugar mama finally cutting-off the lifeline of an opportunistic younger man, or is there more to this story? When you look at the relationship as a whole, its kind of hard to say. Nobody really ever thought for a second that the couple would last, yet Smart (29) and Lopez (47) have been together for the better part of five years. However, that doesn’t stop the tabloid media (… you know… people like me) from speculating about the couple – conspiracy theories have followed the couple for years. One theory that gets circulated quite frequently is that Smart is actually gay, and is using J Lo for fame and to further his career. The International Business Times covered the story back in 2012.

Joshua Lee Ayers, a professional dancer who has worked with LL Cool J, Fergie, Kelly Rowland, Ludacris, Diana Ross and the cast of Glee, claims that Smart is actually gay and only dating Lopez to further his own career.

Ayers has taken to his Twitter account to denounce and expose Smart, who has been very publicly dating Lopez for the past eight months.

However, the couple stayed together for four years after this story broke; apparently it was never able to gain any traction. But was that because it’s not true or the public just weren’t interested? Or maybe because the massive J Lo PR machine was able to “set things right?”

Truth be told, we will likely never know the truth. But that doesn’t really change the fact that at this point, the guy had better start packing his bags . The great and powerful J Lo has spoken, and she wants him gone!


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